One Pokemon GO player posts their experience reaching level 30, explaining that climbing past that rank is nearly impossible at this time, and that changes need to be made.

Like all games, leveling up early on in Pokemon GO is a pretty easy task. The levels come quickly after completing minor tasks, and players continue on, feeling rewarded. However, some players have recently come forward pointing out that the difficulty to level in Pokemon GO reaches levels of absurdity further down the road.

A gamer known as Riggaros posted to the Pokemon GO subreddit, explaining his frustration as a high-level trainer in Pokemon GO. According to his post, Riggaros spent a whole week reaching level 30, but the process wasn’t rewarding or fun. He points out that Pokemon GO is in dire need of adjustments to the higher levels, as it quickly becomes harder for players to earn the EXP necessary to continue leveling up as they have fewer Pokedex entries that need filling in and very few other ways of earning larger amounts of EXP in Pokemon GO.

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Others are in agreement with Riggaros, with Twitter user Klik_Vox posting an elaborate spreadsheet detailing exactly how much EXP a trainer needs to earn in Pokemon GO in order to level up once they pass 30. The numbers are staggering: a trainer would need 300,000 EXP to go from level 29 to 30 and 1,920,000 EXP to go from 39 to 40. If the hard level cap is ever raised and no adjustments are made to the EXP needed, Klik_Vox has calculated that a whopping 12,260,000 EXP would be required to rank up from 49 to 50.

Riggaros notes that he believes changes need to be made to Pokemon GO as quickly as possible to amend these problems, beginning with trainers receiving an equal amount of EXP regardless of the type or rarity of Pokemon they catch. It’s understandable that high-level trainers may be feeling like it’s impossible for them to go any further, given that gamers can only expect to earn 100 EXP from catching a Pokemon they’ve already encountered, or as low as 50 EXP from visiting a PokeStop.

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Obviously the higher levels of Pokemon GO are meant to be difficult to achieve, but even if a player were to spend a lot of money on Pokemon GO‘s microtransactions, earning the quantity of EXP needed would still be nearly impossible to accomplish. It’s possible that Niantic already intends to make adjustments to the higher levels of the game, and perhaps being able to trade in Pokemon GO and directly battle other players in the future will carry hefty EXP bonuses that will make leveling easier.

For now, the higher levels of the game are arguably broken, and Pokemon GO may begin to see a drop-off in popularity until the problem is amended. Although Niantic has its hands full bringing Pokemon GO to new regions, hopefully changes will be made to improve the experience for high-ranking players quickly.

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Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS in select areas.

Source: Reddit, Twitter