Pokemon GO: Users Report Eevees Hatching From 5k Eggs


Niantic might be on a roll with the developer's recent changes to Pokemon GO. After its Halloween event, it appears Eevee is now hatchable from 5k eggs instead of 10k ones.

Every time Pokemon GO appears to be on the brink of irrelevance - or, at the very least, an absence from daily video game news coverage - Niantic makes just enough changes to reel gamers and critics alike back into the mobile app's world for another go. The recent Pokemon GO Halloween event, as simple as it really was, caused a significant increase in Pokemon GO's revenue due to its increased rates for candy and the higher prevalence of spooky Pokemon like series favorites Cubone and Gengar.

For all intents and purposes, Pokemon GO is a game that is succeeding in spite of itself, as the game continues to be criticized for not implementing features that fans feel should have been in the app at its launch. Still, Niantic, to the developer's credit, has been steadily making beneficial changes to Pokemon GO, and the latest one might be one of the most subtly brilliant decisions in the game's history. A number of reports have begun surfacing on various Pokemon-based sub-reddits that trainers can now hatch Eevee from 5k eggs, with the implication being that Eevee will no longer hatch from 10k eggs as a result.

For those unfamiliar with Pokemon GO, players are given eggs from various Pokestops they visit during their travels, and they come in 2k, 5k, and 10k varieties, with the numbers reflecting the number of kilometers a player must walk to hatch each egg. Previously, Eevee had been a possibility in the 10k egg Pokemon pool, something that players hated - Eevee is not a rare Pokemon by any means, and the 10k distance has been almost exclusively reserved for hard to find Pokemon. Now, Eevee is actually considered a "good" option in the 5k bracket while also reducing the number of "bad" outcomes from 10k eggs as well.

It's a small change, and one that many casual players likely won't notice, but it's a great one for hardcore trainers and shows that Niantic is paying attention to that community as well. Those looking for bigger changes won't have to wait much longer, as Niantic also plans to roll our daily quests and bonuses for Pokemon GO in the near future.


While there are still a number of issues in the way Pokemon GO has been handled - chief among them, the shortage of Pokemon GO Plus accessories - Niantic is slowly becoming better at anticipating the needs and desires of its ridiculously large playerbase. It's an encouraging sign for gamers who want to invest in Pokemon GO for the long term - just as long as Niantic doesn't accidentally make Jolteon or Flareon as broken as their aquatic cousin used to be.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android mobile devices.

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Source: Reddit

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