Pokemon GO Guide: How to Use and Hatch Eggs

Pokemon GO eggs can potentially provide the trainer with rare Pokemon, but not without hatching them first. Read our guide to find out how Pokemon GO eggs work.

One of the best ways to level up in Pokemon GO is to capture wild Pokemon, but filling up the Pokedex purely with captured Pokemon is difficult. Thankfully, the developers of Pokemon GO have provided an alternate way to find new Pokemon in the form of Pokemon eggs.

Pokemon GO doesn't provide much of a tutorial, so while it can be exciting to find a Pokemon egg, it's entirely possible for the player to not know what to do in order to hatch it. This guide will explain everything you need to know about using and hatching Pokemon eggs in Pokemon GO.

Finding Eggs

If you haven't found a Pokemon egg yet, don't despair. Every PokeStop you visit has a chance of awarding you with a Pokemon egg in addition to Pokeballs and other items, depending on your level. Just keep checking PokeStops until you receive a Pokemon egg.

pokemon go egg hatch notification

Prepping Your Egg

Unlike the classic Pokemon games, there's a little extra work that goes into hatching a Pokemon egg in Pokemon GO. Eggs need to be placed into Egg Incubators in order to be hatched. Thankfully, all players start out with one Incubator in their inventory, so if you've never hatched an egg before, you should be all set.

pokemon go egg walking distance incubator

To place the egg in the Incubator, go to your Pokemon list and click on tab entitled "Eggs." This will display a list of all Pokemon eggs that are currently in your inventory. Click on any egg and the game will prompt you to place it into an available Incubator.

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Hatching Your Egg

Once your egg is placed in an Incubator, the game will alert you as to how far you have to walk in order to hatch the egg. The distance required to walk varies depending on the type of egg, typically ranging from 2km to 10km (1 1/4 miles to 6 miles, approximately). The rarer the Pokemon inside the egg, the farther you'll need to walk to hatch it.

The game will keep track of how far you walk so long as it's left open on your phone. However, driving in a car won't work to quickly hatch your egg, as the game tracks whether you are actually walking, like any pedometer app.

pokemon go world map

Hatching Multiple Eggs

If you have more than one Pokemon egg, you'll need additional Incubators to hatch them at the same time. This saves a lot of time, since any walking you do will be applied towards all eggs that are currently in Incubators. However, new Incubators must either be purchased from the shop with Pokecoins or unlocked as a reward for leveling up.

Keep in mind that the Incubator that you were given upon starting the game has unlimited uses, but any other Incubators you purchase or receive will break after a set number of uses.

Pokemon eggs can potentially award Pokemon that can't be found anywhere near you live, so it's a great opportunity to expand your Pokedex. Once the egg hatches, it'll also provide a significant EXP boost and some Pokemon-specific candies that you can use toward evolving your newly-hatched Pokemon.

How are you finding Pokemon GO so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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