Pokemon GO Halloween Event Trailer, Dates, and Details


Pokemon GO's first event begins later this week in celebration of Halloween with increased sightings of spooky Pokemon and bonus candy for catches, transfers, and buddies.

Pokemon GO players have been hoping for special in-game events since the launch of the mobile phenomenon and it looks like Niantic is finally ready to deliver just in time for Halloween. The mobile AR game's first event will be Halloween-themed and gives Pokemon GO players a chance to catch all the spookiest gen 1 monsters, while earning bonus candy.

The Halloween event begins on October 26 and runs through November 1. As players might expect, the event puts the scariest and spookiest Pokemon in the spotlight and offers increased spawn rates for Drowzee, Gastly, Gengar, Golbat, Haunter, Hypno, and Zubat. Some players are sure to complain that Niantic should be concentrating on an improved tracker tool, but the game's first event is still an exciting milestone.

In addition to the increased sightings of each of the listed Pokemon, players will also have a chance to earn some extra candy in the spirit of trick or treating. Each catch will reward players with six candy, instead of the usual three. Transferring Pokemon to the professor will also give players double candies (two instead of one).

Buddy Pokemon get a bonus as well and will offer four times as much candy during the event. This is a huge bonus and should help a lot of players who have been slowly grinding out candy towards the 400 that are required for that Gyarados.

Check out the trailer for all the details...


The event isn't the most exciting and there are no still no legendary appearances, but perhaps Niantic has learned from the game's rocky launch that it needs to take things slow and steady going forward. Having a success event with low stakes could help the company better prepare for more high profile events down the line. Hopefully this is just the first in a series of holiday events that will occur over the winter, which is when players in colder areas will need more motivation than ever to get out of the house and playing.

What do you think of Niantic's Halloween plans? Will you be playing Pokemon GO during the final few days of October? Let us know in the comments!

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Pokemon GO is currently available in select counties on Android and iOS devices.

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