Pokemon GO Players Make Amazing Halloween Costumes

Pokemon GO Players Make Amazing Halloween Costumes - Pokemon GO Halloween costume

Pokemon GO enthusiasts flex their creative muscles to put together impressive Pokemon GO-themed Halloween costumes, dressing up as Pokemon trainers, PokeStops, and more.

Thanks to its massive popularity this past summer, and the fact that it continues to rake in $2 million a dayPokemon GO is a permanent part of pop culture. This Halloween season, fans of the game have decided to honor its success with creative Pokemon GO costumes that are sure to impress any trainers out there.

Perhaps the most popular of all the Pokemon GO Halloween costumes we've seen so far is the one in the video below from YouTuber mattycborgelt. It's a rather complicated costume, simulating the act of catching a Pokemon in the game. If that weren't enough, it also functions as a PokeStop, with passersby able to spin the icon to be rewarded with a Pokeball. mattycobrgelt's costume really has to be seen to be believed, so check it out right here:


While mattycborgelt's costume is likely the most elaborate Pokemon GO costume that fans are going to come across, that doesn't mean there haven't been many other cool and unique ideas. Take, for example, the Halloween costumes created by Reddit user TerpBE. TerpBE's kids love Pokemon GO, and so he decided to make them costumes that transform them into Pokemon from the game. The costumes from TerpBE also include the kind of smartphone that the game is being played on, which is a nice touch.

Pokemon GO Players Make Amazing Halloween Costumes - TerpBE Pokemon GO Meowth and Pidgey Halloween costumes

The costumes created by TerpBE highlight two of the Pokemon that can be caught in the game, but it seems as though many Pokemon GO Halloween costumes are centered around PokeStops. Take for example the two costumes below. One is of Reddit user justinhanks, whose Halloween costume is a PokeStop with a lure module (hence the Pokemon clinging to his outfit), and the other is Reddit user lookatthemonkeys as a PokeStop, with a trainer to round out the ensemble.

Pokemon GO Players Make Amazing Halloween Costumes - Pokemon GO PokeStop lure module
Pokemon GO Players Make Amazing Halloween Costumes - PokeStop and Pokemon trainer

Pokemon GO Halloween costumes aren't all about PokeStops, however. Others have focused on the relationship between Pokemon trainers and their Pokemon, echoing the buddy system update that allows players to walk their captured creatures for extra candy, which is especially fitting for the holiday. Reddit users Banannis and 4d3d took this approach, and can be seen below as a Pokemon trainer with an Eevee (Banannis) and a Pokemon Trainer with a Geodude (4d3d).

Pokemon GO Players Make Amazing Halloween Costumes - Eevee and trainer
Pokemon GO Players Make Amazing Halloween Costumes - Geodude and trainer

The last costume we're going to share with you is not explicitly stated to be for Halloween parties or trick-or-treating, but is impressive nonetheless. It combines the worlds of Pokemon GO with Ghostbusters, and was created by Reddit user thatmattkid58 as preparation for the game's Halloween update.

Pokemon GO Players Make Amazing Halloween Costumes - Ghostbusters

Overall, it's been impressive to see what Pokemon GO enthusiasts have been able to cook up for Halloween. Even though the game has lost millions of players, it is still a significant pop culture phenomenon, and has had an impact on the world that few video games ever have had. If Niantic is able to add long-awaited features like second generation Pokemon, Pokemon trading, and player-versus-player battling by the time Halloween rolls around next year, we may see even more elaborate Pokemon GO-inspired costumes.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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