The latest update for Pokemon GO made some fairly significant tweaks to gyms, but Niantic hasn’t been upfront with all the changes it’s made. Fans have discovered that, as of the latest update, Pokemon GO is giving players coins more frequently for defending gyms, with one earned every 10 minutes instead of hourly.

This change should mean Pokemon GO players earn coins much faster than before, though it’s worth noting that it’s impossible to earn more than 50 coins from gyms in any given day. It’s unclear why Niantic decided to impose these changes, but perhaps it believes that giving players coins more frequently will result in players visiting gyms more often.

It makes sense for Niantic to give players extra incentive to visit gyms. After all, the game’s latest update was centered all around gyms, with players having to visit gyms to access the new raid battles. Between the new co-op raid battles and this tweak to the coin system, hardcore Pokemon GO players will have plenty of reasons to visit gyms more often.

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By extension, this means that Pokemon GO‘s combat system will be used more often by trainers. For the most part, the game’s combat has taken a backseat to other aspects of the experience, such as catching wild Pokemon, collecting items at PokeStops, and hatching eggs. Adding raid battles and upping the stakes at gyms should make combat a bigger part of the Pokemon GO equation.

Another way Niantic could convince players to indulge in the game’s combat more often is by adding PvP battles. Along with Pokemon trading, it seems as though one of the most requested features for the game are trainer on trainer battles, but such a feature has yet to be implemented.

Of course, there is still plenty of time for Niantic to add trainer versus trainer PvP battles in future updates. While Pokemon GO may not be as popular as it was last summer, the game still has a large following of dedicated fans that have made it worthwhile for Niantic to keep supporting the game with regular updates, so expect the experience to only deepen as the months go on.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: Reddit