Pokemon GO is getting one of its biggest updates ever this week with the release of Battle Raids and a complete overhaul to the Gym system that existed for the last year. After releasing details about the update earlier this week, it seems like the day is finally here and Pokemon GO players can start supporting Gyms using the new mechanics.

The update is currently being rolled out and many users are reporting that the patch was available to download today. We can confirm that we received the update on an iOS device on the east coast this afternoon. In addition to the game patch, the Gyms have apparently also completed their renovations, which means it is time to start battling!

Here is the official word from Niantic that the new Gyms are up and ready for the taking…

The update gives players the chance to restock Gyms and start battling for their team of choice. In addition to placing Pokemon in Gyms, players are also now able to support other team member’s Pokemon by feeding them berries. The groundwork for the Battle Raids code is also a part of this update, and we can currently see the Raid tab, but we haven’t spotted any Gyms with the egg timer quite yet. Niantic should announce when Battle Raids are done being tested and are officially added to the game.

To make sure you’re ready for the big update, take a few minutes to check out our latest Pokemon GO guides to master the new mechanics and items.

Have you downloaded the new update and started supporting your team’s Gyms yet? Let us know in the comments!

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices in select regions.