Pokemon GO Gym Training Fixed


Niantic addresses the balance of gym training in Pokemon GO, putting training rewards back to their original level after a recent update for the mobile title.

Pokemon GO has been perhaps the biggest gaming phenomenon of 2016. For better or worse, the mobile title has become a huge cultural sensation, and even though many suspected the game would be successful the sheer level of popularity has made the title one of the most surprising video game success stories. In spite of this, however, the title has seen its share of criticism since its launch - but at least developer Niantic has changed the title based on one particular complaint.

Players of Pokemon GO will be pleased to learn that Niantic is tweaking the way that players are able to earn training rewards at gyms. An update last month added a multitude of changes, including a change to the game's gyms that not all players were happy about. The most egregious amendment for many of Pokemon GO's users was the lowering of the amount of Prestige gained by players training at a friendly gym, but it seems as though Niantic has learned the error of its ways and switched back accordingly.

The change has been rolled out quietly by Niantic, but has been discovered by those within the Pokemon GO community, such as The Silph Road. "PRESTIGE awards have been rebalanced," exclaimed the Pokemon GO trainer network. "Training at friendly gyms now awards prestige at the same rate as attacking enemy gyms."


This will be a relief for those who rely on raising their Pokemon at friendly gyms. The initial update halved the number of Prestige points players would receive from friendly gym training, meaning that raising Pokemon in this way was becoming a real chore for many. Thankfully, Niantic has responded swiftly to player feedback, ensuring that things have been returned to their rightful place.

That's not the only change that players have been calling for, however. In spite of Pokemon GO winning the Best Mobile title at The Game Awards, users have not been entirely happy with recent changes to the game. In particular, some have been calling for another reversal from Niantic, this time to remove the speed cap that has been placed on the game.

In spite of some hiccups, however, it's good to see Niantic try and keep Pokemon GO moving with new updates. Although the title has seen a drop-off in players, it's still proving to be incredibly popular, and fans will no doubt appreciate other changes such as the steady increase in availability of the new tracker tool. Let's see what else Niantic has planned for the game.

Pokemon GO is available now for mobile devices.

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