Pokemon GO Dev Teases Improvements to Gyms and Raids

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Pokemon GO is a constantly evolving experience, with Niantic consistently supporting the game with updates that add new content and tweak existing features. These updates show no sign of slowing down any time soon, and as it turns out, future updates for Pokemon GO will likely bring improvements to the game's gyms and raids, according to Niantic product manager Tatsuo Nomura.

Nomura admitted that the game's gym system is not perfect, and that there are ways Niantic hopes to improve on it in the future. Nomura stopped short of providing specific details on how that would be accomplished, but fans should know what the changes are before Niantic implements them. In the meantime, the studio is focused on improving the gym battling experience for players by addressing bugs and other issues.

"We have a number of things in our minds based on feedback from the community, but nothing to be announced yet. We are currently focusing on stability and performance fixes so it might take a while before the trainers will see more gym improvements."

Pokemon GO EX Raid Gyms

As previously mentioned, Niantic plans on improving more than just the gym battles in Pokemon GO. The company is also focused on making raids a better experience for its dedicated players by making it easier for them to organize a group to tackle these raids with. After all, it's nearly impossible to complete legendary raids without a large group of players, and without a real way to coordinate a team in-game, that means some will never have the chance to catch legendary Pokemon.

For Pokemon GO players living in rural areas, participating in and actually completing raids is an even unlikelier prospect. Considering this, perhaps some of the ways Niantic plans on improving the raid experience will include adjusting it to better fit the needs of Pokemon GO players that don't live in big cities.

However Niantic plans on improving Pokemon GO's raids and gym battles down the road, fans can be sure that these updates are indeed coming. When any of these changes will be implemented, though, is anyone's guess.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: Pokemon GO Hub

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