With the Pokemon GO Gym update, developer Niantic has brought the fun back to the feature. But not only are fans having more fun with the the game’s Gyms than ever before, but also Pokemon GO players are loving the fact Gyms dole out plenty of items too, rewarding them just for playing the game.

It’s taken some time, but Pokemon GO players have slowly started to understand how to get the most items possible from Gyms. If a Gym is in their control then it rewards between eight and nine items each spin. There are three parts to this: getting a gold Gym badge (earning 30,000 XP total from performing activities at the Gym) grants three items, players get additional items if their team controls the Gym (three items if they have a gold Gym badge), and the Gym also offers two items at a base level.

It’s not as though the rewards are shabby, either. One player on reddit showed their loot, which included three berries, a Potion, a Revive, and a fairly decent amount of Poke Balls as well. While few players needed much more encouragement to use the new and improved Pokemon GO Gyms, Niantic is sweetening the pot by offering hauls to players who spend a lot of time performing activities at their Gyms.

Pokemon GO Gym items screenshot

Niantic will certainly be glad about the ongoing discussions that players are having about the best way to make use of the Gym feature. When the Gym update was first released, players quickly came up with the Ditto sweeping method for taking on Gym Defenders. Meanwhile, players also began putting together different ‘themed’ Gyms as well, but whether that’s effective or whether it’s just another way for fans to amuse themselves is unclear.

The developer can also expect more of these ideas and methods to pop up over the next few weeks and months. The introduction of legendary Pokemon is just one way that Niantic will be shaking things up and forcing players to rethink their strategies, for example. There will be some limitations on the legendary creatures, but it seems likely players will enjoy thinking of ways to get the most out of each new feature.

Pokemon GO is available on iOS and Android.

Source: reddit