Bye, Bye, Butterfree: A Pokemon GO user explains how he got caught cheating on his girlfriend through the popular application, thanks to its GPS features.

With Pokemon GO taking the streets by storm, it seems some people are plying the Catch ‘Em All mentality to more than just Pokemon. A man named Evan Scribner has come forth and explained how the Pokemon GO application inadvertently led to his girlfriend finding out about his infidelities with an ex-girlfriend, signalling an end to his current relationship.

Scribner admitted to the New York Post earlier that after a rendezvous with his ex-girlfriend across town, he thought it would be a good idea to open up the Pokemon GO application and catch a few Pokemon since he was in the area. Since the game relies heavily on GPS input, it means anyone who has access to a player’s phone can see where they were when they caught certain Pokemon. Karma caught up with Scribner when his current girlfriend both saw and recognized his playing locations to be within the vicinity of his ‘former’ lover, and put two and two together:

She saw that I had caught a Pokémon while at my ex’s house.

The hapless gamer couldn’t offer his girlfriend any valid excuses for his suspicious whereabouts when she inquired into the matter, which sparked a sad update to Scribner’s relationship status. The juggling ladies man reports that after the showdown at his residence in Sunnyside, his then-girlfriend hasn’t contacted him since. If we had to harbor a guess, we’d say she isn’t coming back anytime soon.


Scribner’s tale is one of caution for those with secrets to keep, although truthfully we’re not exactly certain why he couldn’t have just told his girlfriend he had to take down a rival gym. In any event, Evan is set to continue his Pokemon journey without his girlfriend, though we imagine he’ll probably catch a few more Pokemon in that same area in the near future.

Somehow, we’re guessing that somebody else will do the opposite of Scribner and meet a future companion through the merits of the neighborhood exploring game – the application is more popular than Tinder, after all.

While some gamers clearly put the ‘poke’ in PokeStop, it’s worth noting that those who play the game should always remain vigilant of the more obvious dangers of Pokemon GO. While it’s pretty easy to avoid cheating on someone while on the go (right?), it’s much harder to avoid things like falling victim to a lure laid by armed professional robbers. Stay safe, Ranters!

Source: NY Post