Pokemon GO Guide: How to Use Lucky Eggs for Max XP


Lucky Eggs are one of Pokemon GO's most powerful items and this strategy will teach trainers how to use the double experience boost to power level through the game.

One of the great things about Pokemon GO is that there are plenty of easy ways to get experience points. Players level up their trainer doing just about everything in the game from catching Pokemon to visiting Pokestops around town. It gets harder to level up in Pokemon GO as trainers hit level 20 and above, but thankfully the Lucky Egg allows for a unique power-leveling tool.

The Lucky Egg is a special item in Pokemon GO that offers players double experience points for 30 minutes. Some gamers may be tempted to just activate the Lucky Egg when they know they'll be playing for 30 minutes, but this doesn't take nearly enough advantage of the opportunities for massive experience boosts and power leveling.

Here is what you need to do to get your money's worth out of those eggs...

Acquire the Lucky Egg

There are currently two ways to get a Lucky Egg in Pokemon GO. Players receive one as a level up reward  when they ding 9, 10, 15, 20 and 25. The item is also available for purchase in the Shop as a part of three different microtransaction bundles (1 Egg for 80 Pokecoins, 8 eggs for 500, or 25 for 1250). 1,200 Pokecoins costs US gamers $9.99 so it only takes $10 to get a whole bundle of 25. That said, we haven't purchased any Lucky Eggs yet and have been had no problem power leveling up over 20 with just the first four that were available as level rewards.


Collect Pidgeys, Caterpies, and Weedles

To pull off the power leveling trick, players will need an army of Pidgeys, Caterpies, and Weedles... No, seriously. This step is crucial. The thing that those three Pokemon all have in common is that they cost 12 candy to evolve. Once the Lucky Egg is activated, players will want to take full advantage of the double XP by evolving as many Pokemon as possible. The best way to rack up XP with this strategy is to have enough Pidgeys, Caterpies, and Weedles to evolve non-stop for 30 minutes straight.

Find a Pokestop Hotspot

Once your Pokemon collection is overflowing with annoying common and easy to evolve Pokemon, find the perfect spot before activating the Lucky Egg. Most cities have a big park or downtown area where players hang out and drop lures. The ideal location is a spot that is at the intersection of three Pokestops with lures. This may sound like a tall order, but visit the most popular Pokemon GO location in your city just after school or work lets out and you should find a good spot.

The majority of the XP will come from evolutions, but swiping three Pokestops every five minutes and getting double XP from capturing Pokemon will give a nice extra boost.

Evolve Away!

The last step is to activate the Lucky Egg and begin the evolution party. Evolutions are usually worth 500 XP (which is only topped by hatching a 10km egg) and the Lucky Egg bumps that up to 1,000. Evolve as many Pokemon as possible during the 30 minute window and just watch the XP pile up. If you finish early, start hitting up the nearby Pokestops and catching everything in sight.

Good luck out there, trainers!

Do you have any other tricks you like to use with the Lucky Egg? Let us know in the comments.

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Pokemon GO is now available in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

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