Pokemon GO Guide: How To Catch All Region Exclusive Pokemon

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Catching them all in Pokemon GO is no easy feat, but this trick will help trainers snag all of the region exclusive Pokemon without leaving their own continent.

Although Pokemon GO is full of plenty of goals for players to achieve, many trainers are primarily interesting in catching them all. Currently that task if very difficult, even for the most dedicated Pokemon GO players, due to unreleased legendaries and region exclusive Pokemon. Luckily, the region exclusive barrier has some wiggle room.

Currently, there are four Pokemon that are considered region locked. Farfetch’d (Asia), Kangaskhan (Australia), Mr. Mime (Europe), and Tauros (North America) all seem to only be found in the wild in their respective regions. Although it seem to be impossible to find the three that are outside of your area of play in the nearby tool, many trainers are confirming that there is another way to add these 'mon to the Pokedex.

According to reports from multiple players, including one who has caught every available Pokemon, the region exclusive characters can all be hatched from 10km eggs, regardless of the region where the egg was picked up. This has been a rumor since the game launched, but there are now enough reports and screenshots to confirm that the Pokemon are collectible from eggs outside of their regions.

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The first step to unlocking the region exclusives is to collect some 10km eggs. 10km eggs are randomly dropped at Pokestops just like 2km and 5km eggs, but are more rare and obviously take a lot longer to hatch for the average player. If you don't have a 10km egg to get started, we recommend you visit a nearby crowded area of Pokestops and start spinning until one is dropped.

Hatching 10km eggs is no small feat, especially since the GPS-based distance tracking isn't the most reliable, but players should be able to acquire all the region exclusive Pokemon locally by putting in some serious mileage. The fastest way to get them all definitely requires spending some Pokecoins on additional egg incubators.

Every player has one egg incubator with infinite uses, but additional incubators cost 150 and only have three uses. If you're going to buy additional egg incubators, the best strategy is to hatch 2km eggs from the infinite incubators and use the the limited incubators for the rare 10km eggs to get the most bang for your buck. This strategy still requires a lot of luck, but it's good to know that it's at least possible to collect them all without spending hundreds of dollars on plane tickets.

How many of the region exclusive Pokemon have you added to your Pokedex? Let us know in the comments.

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Pokemon GO is currently available in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

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