Pokemon GO Guide: How to Catch Ditto


Niantic finally releases Ditto into the wild in Pokemon GO, but catching it isn't so easy. Check out Game Rant's guide to adding Ditto to a Pokemon collection.

Fans of Pokemon GO have been teased for some time with the promise of someday being able to catch Ditto and the recent discovery of Ditto in the game's data. Gamers have tried a wide variety of methods to find or hatch the elusive Pokemon, but players have now discovered that Ditto is finally available and can be captured.

How Ditto Works

Ditto is known for its ability to transform into any Pokemon it fights, and Niantic has decided to use that ability to make capturing in Pokemon GO a challenge. Rather than appearing on the map like any other Pokemon for trainers to click on and then attempt to catch, Ditto is instead masquerading as other Pokemon entirely. According to multiple reports, Ditto appears on the world map as a low-tier common Pokemon, such as Magikarp, Pidgey, Rattata, or Zubat. There are no visual clues that one of these Pokemon isn't really what it seems.

Catching Ditto

In order to catch a Ditto, players should collect as many Pokeballs as they can, as the process may require some trial and error. Once an adequate supply of Pokeballs is amassed, deploying Pokemon Incense may be helpful, since it will attract more low-tier Pokemon to the trainer. Unfortunately, there is no known trick to force a Ditto to spawn, so players will have to try capturing every low-tier Pokemon they see until they're lucky enough to get a Ditto.

After the a disguised Ditto is successfully caught, a dialogue screen will display "Oh?" in the same manner as when a Pokemon egg hatches. The Pokemon will then reveal its true form as a Ditto.

Players should also be aware that the CP level displayed above the fake Pokemon when catching it isn't valid. Once revealed as a Ditto, Ditto will have its own CP level, which has often been much higher than the CP of the wild Pokemon players have thought they were capturing.


Combat With Ditto

Things get even more complicated when Ditto is sent into battle at a Pokemon gym. Ditto will transform into the opposing Pokemon perfectly and copy its moveset, but its CP appears to be dependent upon Ditto's base CP and the opposing Pokemon's CP. Once Ditto has transformed into the opposing Pokemon, combat works the same way as using any other Pokemon; players tap the screen to use its primary attack and long-press to use its charged secondary attack.

Catching Ditto may still not be an easy task for many players, but the good news is that it's at least possible now. It remains to be seen when Niantic will finally release the Legendary birds Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno, as well as Mew and Mewtwo, but given their recent CP adjustments, that may well be next on the developer's to do list.

Pokemon GO is out now for Android and iOS devices.

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