Pokemon GO Guide: How To Equip A Buddy Pokemon


Pokemon GO's latest update adds the Buddy feature and this walk will explain how to equip a Pokemon and start earning candy by walking around in the real world.

After a few days of awkwardly waiting around, the Pokemon GO buddy update is finally rolling out. The patch was announced over the weekend, but very few players actually had access to the new feature until this afternoon. Now that the update is in place, users can start earning candy for specific Pokemon by taking them for walks.

Like most things in Pokemon GO, the new feature isn't very well explained by the game itself. There is no tutorial on how the buddy Pokemon system works, so here is what players need to do to start earning candy in the mobile game...

Download The Update

This part seems obvious, but players won't see the buddy feature until the latest patch is installed from either the Google Play Store or Apple's App Store. The update will eventually download itself depending on each user's settings, but to speed up the process, search for Pokemon GO in the app store and click update. If the update isn't visible, try to clear the store's cache and check again.

Click On The Character Portrait


Open the character menu by clicking on the picture of your avatar in the lower lefthand corner of the screen.

Open the Menu

Click on the hamburger icon (that one with three horizontal lines) to open the menu, which will contain a new button!

Click 'Buddy' and Select a Pokemon


Click on the Buddy button to access the new feature. This will bring the player to a list of all of the Pokemon that they currently have in inventory. Select the one that you would like to assign as a your buddy.

Go For a Walk!


Once the Pokemon is assigned, players can start walking around and earning candy. Check out our guide to figure out how far each Pokemon needs to walk to find candy. Remember that switching a buddy erases its progress, so make sure you go in with a plan. There seem to be rewards and easter eggs for walking Pokemon longer distances, as well. Check back for more updates and guides after we have some time to explore the new content.

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