Another day, another Pokemon GO bug discovered. The popular mobile AR game may not actually have a new bug everyday, but for the hardcore players who are heavily impacted by bugs, it sometimes feels that way. Shortly after resolving two bugs related to the equinox event, Niantic is now facing reports of a new bug that pops up during Battle Raids.

The new Pokemon GO bug seems to freeze the game in between the Battle Raid rewards screen and the screen where players have the chance to catch the Raid boss. Considering that catching the pokemon is the primary motivation to complete Battle Raids for most players, this green screen bug is obviously a big problem.

One user went to Reddit to report the issue and dozens of other players quickly chimed in about experiencing the same problem. In many cases, it seems like the green screen bug impacted all participants in the Battle Raid. Forcing quitting and rebooting the app seems to unfreeze the game, but if the Battle Raid timer has expired by the time players get back in, then there’s no opportunity to catch the pokemon. As you might imagine, this is causing a lot of drama and frustration.


Hopefully Niantic will resolve this issue soon, but there are other Battle Raid related bugs that have been around a lot longer and are still an issue. If players are missing their chance to catch a boss after defeating it, then Niantic is likely issuing a lot of Raid Pass refunds as players flock to customer service. That should be some additional motivation to get this issue sorted out sooner than later.

We’ll keep an eye on the problem and update when it has been resolved. Good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Reddit