Pokemon GO‘s Field Research feature went live yesterday, giving fans of the mobile game new objectives to complete in exchange for rewards. Many of these objectives, in both the Field Research and Special Research categories, revolve around throwing Great and Excellent throws, so some may need a refresher course on how to do these.

Throw ratings in Pokemon GO depend on how small the circle is on the Pokemon when the ball hits them, and if the ball lands within that circle. For example, if the circle is as wide as it can be, players will get a “Nice!” rating. If the circle is about half its normal size, players will get a “Great!” throw. And finally, if the circle is almost as small as it can be, players will earn an “Excellent!” throw. Players are able to manipulate the size of the circle by holding their finger on Pokeballs before throwing them (note that this is also a good way to determine if a Pokemon is about to knock a ball away with an attack).

Now that players know how to throw Great and Excellent throws, they may be wondering the easiest Pokemon to get them on. As one might imagine, larger Pokemon tend to be easier when it comes to farming throws, so players should try to find areas where a lot of Wailmer spawn, perhaps near a lake. Alternatively, if players have enough people to put together decent-sized raid groups, Lugia and other legendary Pokemon are all fairly large and are one of the best way to farm for these throws. This is because legendary Pokemon tend to jump out of balls, giving players plenty of opportunity to farm for the types of throws they need.

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Other large Pokemon that are good for farming throws include the likes of the regional-exclusive Tauros, but smaller Pokemon with large circles are also worth seeking out, like Venonat and Slowpoke. Pokemon GO players with enough skill shouldn’t have to worry about the size of the Pokemon they’re farming throws for, but those that haven’t worried much about the quality of their throws until now may find it easier to focus on the larger creatures.

Something else to keep in mind when farming for Great and Excellent throws is that the better throws also count for the less impressive ones. So for example, if a player makes an Excellent throw, it will also count as a Nice and Great throw. This means that if a Pokemon GO player has multiple Field Research quests for making certain types of throws, they can farm for all of them simultaneously.

With these tips in minds, players should find completing the Field Research quests that involve getting Great and Excellent throws a little easier. Of course, the Field Research quests that require players to get three Excellent throws in a row might still prove to be a challenge, but with enough practice and patience, fans should be able to complete that objective, too.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.