Pokemon GO Players Report Grass Type Event is Broken


If you're a Pokemon Go fan who logged on to take part in the game's Worldwide Bloom event, only to find that there isn't a Grass-Type in sight, you're not alone. Although the newest micro-event added to the popular Augmented Reality title claims to vastly increase the spawn-rate of all Grass-Type creatures, many regions seem to be unaffected by the change.

The event was set to kick off at around 2:30 PST on May 5, and is running up until May 8. Since the update began, reports have been coming in from several regions all over the world, labelling the server update as being broken. Although many players are swarmed with the Grass-Type creatures, many Pokemon GO players are witnessing no changes to spawns whatsoever.

Pokemon GO Grass Event Makes Important Change to Lure Modules - Pokemon GO Grass type event lure modules

Many urban-based players are the ones reportedly having this issue, as well as people in desert areas, leading some to believe that this is a biome-related issue. It could be that particular biomes haven't benefited from the event and are just putting out the usual spawns, while others are witnessing the full effects of the Worldwide Bloom.

Regardless of whether or not Grass-Types are spawning in your area, players will still have access to the increased lure time, where each Pokestop can be upgraded to attract Pokemon for six hours at a time, rather than the usual thirty minutes. If these issues are extensive enough, it's possible that Niantic may extend what is currently just a weekend event, though there's no precedent just yet as this is the developer's first attempt at such a short-running update.

The last event, prior to the Worldwide Bloom, was Pokemon GO's Easter Eggstravaganza, where players had a whole week to hatch as many eggs as possible. According to reports from Niantic, over 87 million eggs were hatched in the time frame, which gives us a good idea of just how dedicated the Pokemon community is, and how many people might be missing out on their favorite Grass-Types right now.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android devices.

Source: Forbes

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