Pokemon GO Grass Event Makes Important Change to Lure Modules

Pokemon GO Grass Event Makes Important Change to Lure Modules - Pokemon GO Grass type event lure modules

Yesterday, Niantic unexpectedly announced a new event for Pokemon GO that increases the rate at which grass-type Pokemon spawn. Now that the event is live, the company has revealed another perk of the event: lure modules will last six hours to make catching grass-type Pokemon even easier.

Niantic made this Pokemon GO announcement on Twitter through the official Pokemon GO Twitter account. For those that may be new to the Pokemon GO phenomenon, lure modules are items that players can activate at PokeStops to attract Pokemon to the area. While most people likely obtain lure modules through leveling up and spinning PokeStop wheels, they can also be purchased with real money and in-game currency.

By increasing the strength of lure modules, Niantic may very well convince some people to purchase some for their Pokemon-hunting adventures this weekend. Of course, the fact that the lure modules will last a whopping six hours may actually work against Niantic in the sense that people won't have to use as many to catch wild Pokemon.


Depending on how the community reacts to the more efficient lure modules, Niantic may end up tweaking the item permanently in the future. Maybe it will start offering extra-long lure modules for purchase, while the regular lure modules that people collect in-game will last for the usual duration.

That's just speculation at this time, but Niantic could test the waters with this weekend's grass-type Pokemon event. And in the future, the company could test other changes it may want to make to the game by introducing them as temporary event features. We know that Niantic has plenty of Pokemon GO events planned for the future, with an event coinciding with every major holiday, not to mention the new community events it's going to start running exclusively in the United States. All of these events seem like they would provide the perfect opportunity for Niantic to test any tweaks it may be thinking about making to the game.

In the meantime, the grass-type event is live in Pokemon GO and will run until May 8th. Anyone hoping to catch any of the rare grass-type Pokemon should get their enhanced lure modules ready so they don't miss out on the action.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: Pokemon GO – Twitter

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