Pokemon GO Grass Event Extended Because of Bans

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While it was supposed to end at some point on May 8th, the Pokémon GO Worldwide Bloom event has seemingly been extended. Whether that extension will last for a few extra hours or a day is unclear, but all we can confirm at this point is that players are still catching grass-type Pokémon in areas where such spawns are a rarity.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Niantic has extended a Pokémon GO event, and it likely won’t be the last, but it is the first that the developer has done so without a major announcement. Typically, Niantic comes forth and says that the event was a hit – or something along those lines – and is extending the event in celebration.

No doubt Pokémon GO’s grass-type event was a hit for active players, but some are speculating that the extension is for a different reason. Apparently the recent soft bans that have been going out to players is to blame.

Although it doesn’t directly affect Pokémon GO players, spoofers and snipers have been a problem since the day the game came out. These players can trick mobile devices into thinking they are in different locations so as to catch rare Pokémon. Some even use GPS spoofing technology to occupy more gyms without ever visiting the location.


Needless to say, the problem is one that Niantic is acutely aware of and the developers have been working hard to eliminate. This week, for example, the dev team reportedly made major headway when it comes to getting rid of snipers (people that use GPS spoofing to “travel” to a location and pick up Pokémon), but it’s also possible that some players were banned by mistake.

It’s likely that these mistakenly banned players are the reason that Niantic extended the Worldwide Bloom event – to ensure that all dedicated and legitimate players get full time to catch grass-type Pokémon. Obviously not everyone that gets banned by mistake will have been unbanned in time to participate, but there will be some that do. And for any that have already had their fill of this month’s Pokémon GO event, there is apparently a bigger summer event in the works.

Pokémon GO is out now for mobile devices.

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