Pokemon GO: Almost 300M Pokemon Were Caught During Grass Event

pokemon go grass event

Through the Pokemon GO Grass-focused event Worldwide Bloom, developer Niantic offered up plenty of chances for fans of the game to catch Grass-type Pokemon. Thankfully, Niantic has now been able to give a breakdown of the number of Pokemon caught, and has confirmed that nearly 300 million Grass-type Pokemon were caught over the length of Worldwide Bloom.

What's more, Niantic was also able to give this information by team, with Team Mystic coming out on top. The Pokemon GO team caught a total of 116 million Grass-type Pokemon overall. Rolling into second place was Team Valor with 102 million Grass-type Pokemon caught, with Team Instinct picking up 72 million Grass-type Pokemon too.

Those are some impressive figures, and it's fair to say that this event - which followed on from a similar Water Festival - has proved popular with the game's players. Given the success of these events thus far, it's likely that another similar festival will be on the cards in future.

That said, the Worldwide Bloom event did not go entirely smoothly, with Niantic suffering from a number of problems across the event. Many players found when logging in to Pokemon GO that there did not seem to be an increase in Grass-type Pokemon at all, with plenty suggesting that Worldwide Bloom was broken. This looked to be a biome-related issue at the time, with those in cities and in desert areas more likely to be affected.

What's more, Niantic also heavily cracked down on spoofers and snipers over the course of the event. This eventually then led to the developer pushing an extension on Worldwide Bloom, which allowed legitimate gamers more of a chance to get their numbers up before the event reached its conclusion.

Nonetheless, it's likely that most players are simply happy to be able to get the chance to grab some of their favorite Pokemon, with some of the most popular Grass-type Pokemon seeing an increase in spawn rate. Here's hoping that Niantic has other fun events planned in future, and that the hiccups that Worldwide Bloom suffered from do not happen again.

Pokemon GO is out now for mobile devices.

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