Pokemon GO requires players to leave the comfort of their own a home – a feature that has led to many people heading for a ban, as GPS spoofing becomes a popular workaround.

Pokemon GO has become increasingly popular all around the world, a feat that’s impressive when you consider that players have to actually leave the comfort of their own home to play it. Still, there will always be those who try to cheat the system – a fact that might end up getting a whole lot of players banned in the near future.

Niantic’s new AR app, Pokemon GO, uses your smartphone’s GPS to detect a player’s movement, allowing wild Pokemon to be found in certain areas at particular times. Ever since the game’s release, a wide range of apps have surfaced, with the purpose of fooling a phone’s GPS and allowing users to trick their phones into thinking that they’re somewhere besides their living room.

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Apps such as Necrobot and Pokebuddy have seen a range of success lately and now a new app, MyGoBot, has arrived. MyGoBot is a website that has players pay just under $8 for the opportunity to cheat the system. Now that fans are actually able to pay for cheating software, it’s likely that Niantic will be stepping up their game at punishing those who use it.

Earlier this month, a reddit user discovered that so-called GPS Spoofing would get your account soft banned, a process that prevents Pokemon GO players from being able to collect items, catch Pokemon, or battle gyms.

If people continue to use this software, Niantic will probably be increasing the severity of the bans, something that will affect many players given that the developers can clearly detect users who aren’t playing legitimately.

When asked if using the app will get players banned permanently, the owner of MyGoBot states:

“No one knows for sure. Botting is a risky action no matter what, so please bot at your own risk!”

The site’s help page also describes the risk of soft bans that their userbase must be experiencing all too often after helping players cheat in Pokemon GO.

This isn’t the only work-around that people have found to actually going for a walk however, as one fan recently made a video of him using his car’s autopilot to play Pokemon GO. It’s incredible how dedicated players are to finding way around actually playing the game.

Another grey area that might be seen as cheating in the future is the way around the broken tracker tool that was discovered recently. Using sites such as PokeVision, players can see what creatures are in their surrounding area and exactly where to catch them. While this is a risky endeavor for Poke-fans, the lack of a working tracker is driving more and more people to use the site to assist their play.

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Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.