Over a year after the game’s release and Pokemon GO is finally adding legendary Pokemon to the experience. Instead of players simply finding legendary Pokemon out in the wild, the creatures must be defeated in legendary raid battles, which are sure to pose a significant challenge to even the most experienced Pokemon trainers. Pokemon GO fans that want to complete legendary raids will want to collect the best Pokemon for the job, and according to numerous fans online, that Pokemon is Golem.

Golem is a rock/ground-type Pokemon that is the final evolution of Geodude, and as far as Pokemon go, he should be one of the most useful in legendary raids. Golem is super effective against almost all of the legendary birds, including Articuno, Lugia, Moltres, and Zapdos. Furthermore, he tends to have rock- and ground-based attacks that can hit flying targets, solidifying him as a smart choice to take into legendary raids.

Golem’s effectiveness against the legendary birds is reason enough to spend the stardust and candy powering him up, but there’s also the fact that he’s simply one of the strongest Pokemon in the game. Golem’s max CP is 2916, his max attack is 211, and his max defense is 229. Combine these impressive stats with his powerful rock- and ground-based attacks and Golem adds up to be a formidable beast in all battles, not just against the legendary birds.

Pokemon GO: Golem May Be Best Bet in Legendary Raids - Golem in Pokemon GO

Unfortunately for those that expect to steamroll legendary Pokemon with Golem, he is a rather elusive creature in Pokemon GO. It takes 125 Geodude candy total to evolve into him, and it is extremely rare to find one in the wild. Fans can’t expect to hatch Golem out of an egg either, as he is not part of the latest lineup of Pokemon that can be hatched from eggs.

Besides Golem, there are two other Pokemon that Pokemon GO fans seem to be focusing on as they prepare for tomorrow’s legendary raids. One is Tyranitar, who some may argue is an even better choice than Golem in some instances, and the other is the prehistoric Pokemon Omastar.

Like Golem, Tyranitar and Omastar are some of the rarest Pokemon in the game. Tyranitar can be obtained by defeating him in raid battles, but Omastar will boil down to players getting lucky. In any case, dedicated Pokemon GO enthusiasts have had over a year to prepare for legendary raid battles, so hopefully they’re ready to catch legendary Pokemon starting July 22nd.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.