Pokemon GO Adding Glaceon and Leafeon Next Community Day?

pokemon go does the name trick work for glaceon and leafeon

Pokemon GO fans were excited to learn that August's Community Day would feature the Normal-type Eevee, but even more so when they realized that Eevee's event would occur across two days instead of the typical three-hour window on one day. This is the first time Niantic has changed it up on the format of Community Day in such a way, although it showed it was willing to make some changes to the formula when it introduced Sunglasses Squirtle.

Many are questioning what this change to the standard Pokemon GO Community Day formula means, and just as many believe it may be so that fans working one day have a second chance at obtaining Eevee. However, while it would be disappointing to miss out on a shiny Eevee, the Normal-type isn't so uncommon that missing the event would be that devastating, at least compared to previous events. Others argue that it could be for the number of Eeveelutions involved, but again, there is only one catchable Eevee.

It remains possible that the reason Eevee is getting a full weekend event is that Niantic intends to introduce its thus-far missing Gen 4 Eeveelutions, Glaceon and Leafeon. Since there are two days in the event, it would make sense for Glaceon to be the evolved form received during the time period one day and Leafeon the next. While this seems like the most logical way to introduce the two into the game, it could be done any number of ways during the event, such as Field Research rewards.


Of course, this is only speculation and tinfoil hat territory, but so was Sunglasses Squirtle at one point. Considering Niantic has recently teased the addition of the Gen 4 starters Turtwig, Chimar, and Piplup, it could be that Eevee day is the catalyst for the next generation of Pokemon coming to the game. After all, Eevee day itself is a bit of a spectacle, as Niantic diverged from its typical rotating Starter/10 KM egg pattern, which means there could be a special reason for the divergence.

Nevertheless, the event is scheduled to take place on Aug 11 and Aug 12, so players have plenty of time to prepare. Even if Niantic doesn't use the opportunity to introduce Glaceon and Leafeon, players should still be able to get their hands on shiny forms of the Eeveelutions currently present in the game. Be sure to check back concerning news for Eevee day. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions for Android and iOS devices.

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