Pokemon GO: These Gen 5 Pokemon Will Be Added on September 16

pokemon go gen 5 pokemon september 16

Monday, September 16 begins the third week of Pokemon GO's Ultra Bonus rewards, and this week is one of the most exciting yet. That's because Pokemon GO will be adding the first Gen 5 Pokemon to the popular mobile game, and while an official list hasn't been revealed by Niantic, teases on the Pokemon GO Twitter account have revealed at least some of the Gen 5 Pokemon that will be available to catch beginning September 16.

The official Pokemon GO Twitter account has been posting silhouettes of Gen 5 Pokemon with brief descriptions of their characteristics. Any big Pokemon fan will be able to figure out which Pokemon is being referred to without having to think too hard, and so putting all of these teases together should reveal the first wave of Gen 5 Pokemon coming to Pokemon GO.

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Of course, it's entirely possible that Niantic will release a different batch of Gen 5 Pokemon in Pokemon GO, but that would be odd considering what's been teased so far. It's also possible that Niantic will add even more Gen 5 Pokemon on September 16 than the ones listed here, so fans should keep that in mind as well. At any rate, here are the first Gen 5 Pokemon confirmed for Pokemon GO:

pokemon go gen 5 release date

  • Klink
    • Klang
    • Klinklang

    • Herdier
    • Stoutland

    • Dewott
    • Samurott

    • Watchog

    • Servine
    • Serperior

    • Pignite
    • Emboar

    • Cofagrigus

    Based on the Gen 5 Pokemon teased so far, it appears Pokemon GO players will be able to catch the Gen 5 starter Pokemon beginning tomorrow, in addition to a handful of other Gen 5 Pokemon. It's likely that only the first form for each Pokemon will actually be found in the wild, so players will have to save up candy to evolve them and catch all of the new Gen 5 Pokemon that are added to Pokemon GO tomorrow.

    Pokemon GO players looking forward to catching the first batch of Gen 5 Pokemon will be able to find them in their game starting at 1pm PT on Monday, September 16. Other rewards this week include Klink in raids, the return of Mewtwo to five-star raids (with the chance at a shiny), and shiny variants of Gen 5 Pokemon like Lillipup and Patrat. Week 3 of Pokemon GO's Ultra Bonus rewards ends on September 23 at 1pm PT.

    Pokemon GO is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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