Pokemon GO Teasing First Gen 5 Pokemon

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The official Pokemon GO Twitter recently shared something to hype up players who are eagerly awaiting Generation 5 Pokemon. A message and an image were included in the post, both hints at one of the new Pokemon set to arrive soon. But any trainer worth their salt knows they are references to a specific starter Pokemon from the Unova region, confirming Gen 5 is on the horizon.

Currently, Pokemon GO is in its second week of the Ultra Bonus event. It is focusing heavily on aiding trainers with hatching eggs, providing opportunities to add regional exclusive Pokemon to their collection, including shiny versions for the first time. That portion of the event will wrap up early next week, then it is onto week 3 and the introduction of Generation 5 Pokemon into the game.

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To promote this upcoming milestone, the official Pokemon GO Twitter account posted a silhouetted image of a Pokemon, reminiscent of the anime television series, along with a brief description of the critter. It is easily identified as Snivy, one of three starter Pokemon of Generation 5. It has been know for a while that the Unova region Pokemon were on their way, but only three have been confirmed for the first wave: Patrat, Lillipup, and Klink.

However, a recent datamine reveals more Gen 5 Pokemon are ready to be released when the time comes, with a total of 62 models discovered, all of which included shiny forms. The three starter Pokemon of this generation, Oshawatt, Tepig, and the recently hinted at Snivy, were found in the data as well. The so-called Swords of Justice, the Legendary Pokemon Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion, are also among the models.

In less than a week, on September 16, Generation 5 Pokemon will begin to roll out. Fans of Pokemon Black and White are going to see a lot of familiar creatures soon. Meanwhile, players can finish up week 2 of the Ultra Bonus event, which includes a chance at the Legendary Pokemon Deoxys through level 5 Raids and an opportunity to earn an adorable flower crown Eevee through one of the research task rewards for September.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices.

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