Pokemon GO Adds These Gen 5 Pokemon to Raids

pokemon go gen 5 raids

Pokemon GO's big Gen 5 update is finally here, giving fans of the popular mobile game their first chance to catch Unova region Pokemon. Niantic has released the first wave of Gen 5 Pokemon in the wild, but it has also added Gen 5 Pokemon to raids, including one Pokemon that is exclusive to raids for the time being.

Three Gen 5 Pokemon are appearing in Pokemon GO raids. They are Lillipup, Patrat, and Link, with shiny variants of Lillipup and Patrat available. Lillipup and Patrat can also be found out in the wild, but Klink is exclusive to raids so far. Getting their hands on these Pokemon will go a long way in helping Pokemon GO players fill out their Pokedex, as all three of them have evolved forms to catch as well.

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Lillipup evolves into Herdier, who then evolves into Stoutland. Patrat, meanwhile, evolves into Watchog. Klink evolves into Klang, and then finally Klinklang. We don't know if any of these Pokemon will need the Unova Stone to evolve, or if they can evolve just by using candy like most other Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

pokemon go gen 5 regionals

Moving forward, Pokemon GO is likely to add even more Gen 5 Pokemon to raids. Legendary raids are likely to start hosting Gen 5 Pokemon at some point in the future, with nine Gen 5 legendary Pokemon for Niantic to feature in total. Having said that, there are still some Gen 4 legendary Pokemon that have yet to appear in legendary raids, so it may still be quite some time before the Gen 5 legendaries appear.

It's also possible that some legendaries will be relegated to Special Research quests. The most recent Special Research quest featured Jirachi, and while it's true that Special Research has typically featured mythical Pokemon, there have been some exceptions. Niantic has added mythical Pokemon to Pokemon GO at an even slower rate than it has legendary Pokemon, though, so fans shouldn't expect to see any Gen 5 mythical Pokemon anytime soon.

In the meantime, Pokemon GO players can start battling Gen 5 Pokemon raids today.

Pokemon GO is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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