Pokemon GO: Which Gen 5 Pokemon Are The Best?

pokemon go gen 5 release date

Pokemon GO fans are about to have a very exciting fall. Although the summer of events is coming to a close, September is going to kick off with a series of very exciting rewards and opportunities. Right out of the gates players are going to have the chance to particular in three weeks worth of Ultra Bonus reward events and that's not even mentioning the first appearance of Unova region Pokemon on September 16.

Trainers will likely be introduced to Gen 5 with the game's three starters (the grass-type Snivy, the fire-type Tepig, and the water-type Oshawott), though that hasn't been confirmed yet. Either way, this kicks off the beginning of a new Pokemon GO metagame for both PvE and PvP fans.

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As the release of all the non-Legendary Gen 5 creatures approaches, it seems like a perfect time to evaluate how these new Pokemon and their evolutions will impact the raiding scene metagame. It's impossible to know for sure until their available movesets are confirmed, but at this point we know enough to make some educated predictions about the heavy hitters from the Unova region.

4 Archeops - Rock/Flying

Pokemon GO Archeops

Archeops is going to be a serious contender for DPS when equipped with double Rock-type movesets. In comparison with the other non-Legendaries, its high attack is going to put it on par (or slightly above) Tyranitar. That said, keep in mind that Tyranitar's higher defense and stamina will make it a lot less of a glass cannon than Archeops.

Double Flying-type movesets will be a little less viable and are unlikely to shake up the current Flying-type metagame.

3 Volcarona - Bug/Fire

Pokemon GO Volcarona meta

After four generations of waiting, Pokemon GO finally has a Bug-type that might make a real impact on the meta. Whether it's being used for its Bug- or Fire-type moves; it seems like Volcarona is going to have some serious DPS potential. Don't be surprised when this little bug starts climbing to the top of the DPS charts against other non-Legendary Fire-type attacks.

2 Chandelure - Fire/Ghost

Pokemon GO Chandelure meta

On the subject of Fire-types, get ready to see Chandelure break onto the scene in a big way. The unique Fire/Ghost pairing is going to make this creature one of the most popular non-Legendary creatures in the game. Obviously Chandelure won't have the power to dethrone Giratina for the top Ghost- spot, but it will be a perfect options for filling out the rest of the battle roster if players don't have a team of six powerful Legendary Ghosts.

1 Conkeldurr

Pokemon Conkeldurr meta

Move over Machamp, there's about to be a slightly better Fighting-type in town. Players who have already assembled a perfect roster of Machamps shouldn't sweat this change too much, but there's definitely a little room for improvement by upgrading to Conkeldurr. The slight advantage mostly comes from a slightly higher stamina that will help Conk stay alive a little longer in those tough Battle Raids.

Conkeldurr could become significantly more powerful if it ends up getting some heavy hitting moves like Dynamic Punch. Be sure to keep a close eye on which moves are available for this guy when it becomes available.

Although we don't know exactly when each of these powerful Pokemon are going to arrive, it is definitely exciting to see so many strong meta options coming to the raiding scene in the near future. The PvP crowd will also get plenty of new options to experiment with, so expect a few new popular faces in those lineups, as well.

Be sure to check back in the coming days for more Pokemon GO strategy guides, news, and updates. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

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Source: Pokemon GO Hub

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