Pokemon GO discounts storage space upgrades making it easier to collect many Pokemon, but some players express frustration that the default spaces haven’t been increased.

Earlier this year, Niantic announced a new update for its hit mobile game Pokemon GO. The huge content drop, which arrives this week, introduces over 80 new Pokemon to Pokemon GO along with the ability to evolve their Pokemon into beasts that debuted in Gold and Silver‘s Johto region. The update is also set to add several new items, with many players of the popular augmented reality title saying that this is exactly the sort of thing they were looking for and that it has renewed their interest in the game.

However, it now seems that these new Pokemon and items won’t be the only things that Pokemon GO players have to smile about. Niantic has announced that beginning today at “afternoon PST” and lasting until February 28, players can now bag themselves a 50% discount on storage upgrades. Adding 50 more Pokemon storage spaces (the default is 250 spaces and the maximum is 1,000 spaces) usually costs 200 Poke Coins but between now and Feb. 28 it will cost just 100 Poke Coins (approximately 99 cents) to get some extra room.

For cash-strapped Pokemon GO players, this sale is grand news. Players’ need to pay for extra storage space is just one reason why Pokemon GO has made over $1 billion and many will appreciate that they can save a few pennies on buying the upgrades in future. This is also good news for those who plan to become the best Pokemon trainers around, as Pokemon GO is adding trading and PvP battles ‘soon,’ according to Niantic CEO John Hanke.

For players who want to horde rare Pokemon before they use them in battle, this discount makes it a little bit more affordable to do so. Becoming the ultimate GO player will no longer require super storage shuffling and having to prioritize catching certain characters over another.

But, on the other hand, some Pokemon GO users are saying that this discount does not go far enough in terms of cost-cutting. The Pokemon GO update also added new items – including new berries and evolution items – and the big question on many players’ lips is why isn’t Niantic hosting a sale on Pokemon GO bag space as well?

Some are also expressing disappointing that the developer didn’t just increase the default storage space for all players ahead of the upgrade, instead of getting players to pay for storage upgrades. Buying those upgrades is substantially cheaper, it’s true, but for those who absolutely cannot afford to spend money on the mobile game at all, this discount period is still unhelpful.

Pokemon GO is now available on iOS and Android.