Pokemon GO: Gen 2 Starters Hatch from Eggs During Easter Event


Easter has come to Pokemon GO, and in the spirit of the holiday there is a large focus on eggs -- Pokemon eggs, to be exact. Players have recently discovered that, with the start of the event, generation 2 starter Pokemon can finally be hatched from eggs.

These starters include Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile, all of which could not be hatched from eggs prior. Pokemon GO Trainers who were surprised to see one of these classic critters pop out of an egg have flocked to reddit to show off their discoveries. Reddit user ch33psh33p posted a screenshot of a Totodile that was hatched from a 5km egg.

In a later post, another Reddit user ended up hatching a Cyndaquil from the same type of egg. In all these cases, however, those who have reported hatching generation 2 Pokemon have only found them in 5km eggs, which means they may only be available by those means and can not found in the smaller 2km eggs.

While this might sound like a prime opportunity for anyone who stockpiled their eggs in anticipation of the Easter event, things won't exactly work out as they planned. The Pokemon found within an egg is determined at the moment it is received, and not when it is hatched. This means that generation 2 Pokemon will not be found in eggs obtained before the start of the Easter event. Anything after that, however, is fair game.

An Easter event had been rumored to be coming to Pokemon GO, but the festivities were officially announced on April 13 and began the same day. The event will continue to run until April 20, and during that time players will receive double XP and a boost to candy drops, in addition opportunities to hatch rare Pokemon from eggs. To get the most out of this boost to XP, take a gander at this double XP guide we whipped up just for the event.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices.

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