Pokemon GO: Gen 2 Pokemon and Ditto Found In Datamine


Pokemon GO's latest update contains code that reveals that Generation 2 Pokemon are on the horizon for the mobile title, as well as hinting at Ditto's release.

Pokemon GO may not be as popular as it was in the weeks after its initial release this summer, but the game has been picking up steam. A financially and critically successful Halloween event and some major updates brought some old fans back and it seems like Niantic is beginning to turn a corner with more frequent updates and communication. If the latest datamine is to be believed, there may be soon be a whole new generation's worth of reasons to check back in to Pokemon GO.

The update that is rolling out today introduces daily quests to Pokemon GO, which should offer additional motivation for players to login and claim rewards for catching Pokemon and visiting a Pokestop every day. Hidden away in all of that new code seems to be the groundwork for introducing generation 2 Pokemon and Ditto, according to dataminers at The Silph Road.

Here is the code that the dataminers claim to have found...



That's a lot to decipher, but Pokemon experts don't need to also be coders to recognize the names and numbers of Gen 2 Pokemon. The bottom entry also includes Ditto's moveset.

If Niantic plans to ride the wave of holiday event popularity, then it would make sense that the company could be planning a Gen 2 release as early as the Christmas season. That is an optimistic reading of the code, but if the past datamines are any indicators, the updates have always followed within just a few weeks. The datamined Daily Quest groundwork was found at the end of the Halloween event and has already been made official.

There is also the chance that Niantic is just planning ahead in the hopes of a more smooth Gen 2 launch than the company experiences with Gen 1. The servers are all much more stable at this point, but if all of the initial installs return for Gen 2, there is a chance the game could become unstable again. Knowing Niantic, the company won't respond to the datamine rumors until it is ready to officially announce Gen 2. Check back for the official update.

Would the inclusion of Gen 2 Pokemon and Ditto be enough to get you back in the game? Let us know in the comments!

Pokemon GO is now available on Android and iOS devices.

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Source: The Silph Road

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