Pokemon GO Galarian Forms Leaked in New Datamine

pokemon sword shield galarian weezing

New code found in a datamine of Pokemon GO suggests that Galarian Forms will soon be coming to Niantic's mobile title. It seems likely that these Pokemon Sword and Shield forms will be released in Pokemon GO around the same time the Switch titles are released.

It may seem odd that these Galarian Forms are being released in Pokemon GO, as Niantic just began adding Pokemon Black and White monsters into the game. However, Alolan forms from Pokemon Sun and Moon have been in the game for a while now, so the addition of Galarian Forms aren't too far out for Pokemon GO.

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The latest datamine posted on Reddit shows a new line of code for a Galar Pokedex Header and a Galarian Form. With the information in Pokemon GO's data, it's pretty likely that Galarian Forms are coming to the game soon. It'd make the most sense for them to release in November, as a promotion for Pokemon Sword and Shield, but there's no idea on when these forms will be available in-game yet. It's also not known which Galarian Forms will be featured in Pokemon GO, or if all the forms will be released immediately.

But the datamine revealed more than Galarian forms. Other strings of data suggest that a ticketed event called 'A Colossal Discovery' will be available at some point. There's no other data regarding the event, but Reddit users suspect the event may involve Regigigas, a Pokemon that is commonly referred to as a colossus. The data also hints at come new Pokemon moves being added, such as Horn Drill and Sacred Sword. Whether these will be new moves or moves restricted to Pokemon GO Community Day events is yet to be seen.

Niantic has been consistent in adding new content to Pokemon GO over the last few months, including being able to hatch Mime Jr. in Pokemon GO 5km eggs. Between Galarian Forms and other events, it seems like players will have plenty to look forward to as the year closes out.

With all of this content coming to Pokemon GO lately, though, and it almost seems like Niantic may run out of unique content for the title soon. There are a lot of Gen 5 Pokemon to get through, but once the Pokemon GO Pokedex is caught up with the main games, what's next?

Pokemon GO is available to play for free on Android and iOS.

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