Pokemon GO Players File Complaints With FTC

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Several Pokemon GO users who are upset with Niantic's popular game take their protests all the way to the top - filing complaints with the federal government.

Since Pokemon GO's release in July, reports indicate that more than 70 individual players have seen fit to take their complaints with the game all the way to the top at the Federal Trade Commission.

In the time leading up to September 13, 72 complaints were made to the FTC by dissatisfied Pokemon GO players. According to a Freedom of Information Act request made by Polygon, 56 of the grievances were filed directly with developer Niantic, with the others spread between The Pokemon Company and Nintendo itself.


The majority of the objections with the title come from the game's popular microtransactions, with players complaining about payments and what they received for their money. Many complaints arose after the game's infamous server issues caused Pokemon fans to lose items that they had previously paid for.

One customer claims to have spent over $450 in-game, before Niantic banned their account for tracking creatures using third-party apps.

"I had my account taken away from me without any warning or contact from Niantic. I have emailed them and sent in an appeal form against my ban,” the person wrote.

The developer has been very clear on its policy towards what it regards as cheating, and despite the player's protests, their Pokemon GO account remains locked.

Other complaints were regarding placement of Pokestops and Gyms, with some of the popular spots visited by Pokemon hunters being placed on private property by the worldwide developer. These complaints were taken more seriously by Niantic, with the company resorting to offering the chance to remove the markers, provided that enough requests were made.

Safety is also an issue stated in multiple complaints, and for good reason, judging by the amount of dangers that appear to be present to Pokemon GO players. From playing while driving, to children not being aware of their surroundings on busy roads, to a stampede in Central Park, Pokemon GO certainly isn't the safest of games to play.

It's not all bad news surrounding the AR Pokemon title however, with many communities seeing the game as a force for good. One example is the recent Pokemon GO fundraiser event that managed to raise $13,000 for a local animal shelter, allowing the popularity of the revolutionary app to be used for what can only be called a good cause.

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Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android devices.

Source: Polygon

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