Pokemon GO Players are More Positive and Friendly, Says Study


If you got involved in the global phenomenon that is Niantic's Pokemon GO, you're more likely to be a more positive and friendly person, claims a new study. The study, which was carried out by researchers at the University of Wisconsin Madison, surveyed over four-hundred people, questioning them in-depth about their personal lives.

The study, which has now found its way into the Journal of Media Psychology, began in July. This meant that it took place not long after the initial release of Pokemon GO, back when the game was reaching its peak player count.

pokemon go player group

Participants of the survey were asked a series of questions about their social and emotional lives, as well as the person's level of physical activity, before segueing into the topic of Pokemon. The results of the study indicate that not only are Pokemon GO players more likely to be exercising, they also experience a greater number of positive emotions and memories.

Another interesting development to come from the study was the fact that, of the four-hundred participants surveyed, over forty percent of them were involved in the Pokemon GO craze. Considering that the sample group was not aimed at Pokemon players in any way, this truly shows just how incredibly popular the game was at its prime.

In other Pokemon GO news, the game is currently surging with popularity once more due to the seasonal 'Eggstravaganza' Easter event that has just begun. While these regular events don't bring back the bulk of the player base who quit and never returned a matter of months after the game's launch, they do see a significant bolstering to the amount of players logging on every day.

The game's last event, a Water Festival, saw players catch over 500 million Magikarp between them, proving that the fan-base is still there and looking for a reason to log onto Pokemon GO again. Despite this, when no events are there to draw in players, the cultural phenomenon has lost over eighty percent of its initial daily users.

Pokemon GO is available on iOS and Android devices.

Source: WKOW

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