Pokémon Go: 10 Biggest Fixes The Game Still Needs

If you look at where Pokémon Go is now compared to when it started, there is clearly a massive change. The game really did transform. As new features and ideas have been implemented, the game offers players a lot more to do. However, there are still more additions that could be made in order to make the game more full-fledged than it already is. Today, we'll be taking a look at ten additions that would be great to see come to Pokémon Go. Let's get into it.

10 More Buddy Features

The addition of buddy Pokémon was a great new feature of the game. While it does have some nice functionality that allows you to gain candy, the term "buddy" really isn't too accurate. The two of you aren't really growing any closer. It would be nice if there could be some new features included in the buddy system.

Maybe you could see the Pokémon walking with you on the screen? Look, we wanted following Pokémon back, we need to take it where they offer it.

9 More Pokémon Interaction

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There should really just be more interaction with your Pokémon in general. The only thing that you can really do as of now is add them as your buddy and take pictures of them.

It would be incredibly easy to add some sort of a Pokémon Amie function into the game. It's been going on in the mainline series for years, so there really isn't a reason that you couldn't have the feature on your mobile phone.

8 Easier Trading And Battling With Friends

Battling and trading came several thousand years too late to the app, sure, but it's there now. Why is it so difficult to use though? Trading and battling are hard to make happen, and you can't even remote battle unless you're at a high level of friendship.

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Why so many barriers to one of the most integral parts of the Pokémon franchise? Just make it easier, and it would likely become a feature that was utilized by fans more often. On the topic of battling...

7 A Battle System Overhaul

The battle system is kind of still really boring. Like, yes, the little swiping mechanics were added to help to lessen the monotony of tapping the screen over and over, but all of the patterns are the same, so it doesn't really do anything. There are ways to make the battle system snappy while keeping things quick, so hopefully they come up with some sort of new idea soon.

6 Rural Upgrades

Pokemon GO Cobalion Raids

Rural players have a lot more to do in Go now, sure, but the core features of the game are still sparse in rural areas. It's hard to find Pokémon, Pokéspots and gyms in rural areas and suburbs.

They could easily add new points of interests and spawns for wild creatures. It would give millions of players an incentive to go out and play the game (and spend money, of course) more than they have been in the past three years.

5 Deeper Customization

Give us more clothes, give us new hairstyles, give us new colors, let us customize our trainer so they don't all look exactly the same as each other. This is really the smallest issue of the bunch, but letting us customize our trainer to a higher degree than what they now allow for is something that should just be in the game after over three years.

Like, look, the option to have purple hair is great, but we need a little bit more than that. Like, of all things you gave us Selene's top? Really?

4 New Events

As of now, the team over Niantic has done a pretty good job of keeping the game busy and populated with various events. Monthly community days and seasonal happenings keep the game fresh and interesting. More is better though.

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New events that feature exclusive Pokémon or forms, or even items, would drive a lot of engagement from the community. There are ways to make events more interactive or enticing, and doing so would help Pokémon Go grow and thrive.

3 Story Content

Research is pretty fun, sure, and it finally gave Professor Willow something to do other than grind our rejects into candy, but new and important story content is a great way to keep Pokémon Go feeling fresh and exciting. The addition of Team GO Rocket was fun and exciting, and impacts the game in new ways to this day.

Didn't they steal something from Willow this week? Things like those events, and the addition of Meltan are super cool and interesting, and get people talking about the game again. Team Rainbow Rocket sometime soon?

2 The Rest Of The Pokémon

Just get them all in already. We're over three years into the life cycle of Pokémon Go and Niantic is still really out here drip feeding us Unova Pokémon. We've gotten the entire dex up to Unova, along with Alolan forms. If you're going to give us a region, might as well just give us the whole thing with a bang.

The excitement of new creatures rolling out is just not what it used to be. Remember when Johto took like, a whole 17 months to roll out and Togepi was the star of the game for the entire 17 months? Let's not do that again we simply don't have the time. Keep it moving. Kalos when?

1 More Mainline Interactivity

Pokémon Go connected really well with Pokémon: Let's Go Eevee and Pikachu, and it's likely that we won't see that happen with Sword and Shield. The games really aren't meant to work together like Let's Go was. We'll be getting Pokémon Home soon, which will serve as a bridge between the two.

Let's hope that we see some sort of event or new Pokémon additions with the release of Shield and Sword, though. Galarian forms would be a great way to integrate some new Pokémon without jumping the gun on the Kalos and Alolan Regions.

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