Now that Legendary Pokemon have been popping up in Pokemon GO, fans seem more into the game than ever before. In fact, Pokemon GO had its highest grossing day ever last week, and developer Niantic is hoping to keep up this pace by rotating in a brand new mythical Pocket Monster in the form of Moltres. As players prepared to begin traversing the real world in an attempt to add that creature to their respective teams earlier today, Niantic figured it would kick off the Fire/Flying-type’s appearance in a rather laughable destination.

There may not be anything all too comedic about Bellevue, Washington at first, but it’s the town that Niantic apparently chose to first release Moltres onto the masses. Aside from the area being the location in which The Pokemon Company’s US headquarters is based (making it a no-brainer destination for Niantic), the team opted to have a little fun with the landmark they selected for the creature’s first-ever spawn in Pokemon GO. The name of the statue in question? “Water, Precious Water.”


As many fans will immediately point out, Moltres is weak against Water-types, so the destination may have been acting as a clever hint for those that encountered it. Regardless, it’s a fun little nod by the developer, and it goes to show that the team appears to have kept its sense of humor intact following what many agree was a disastrous first-ever Pokemon GO Festival.

The arrival of Moltres also signals the exit of Articuno, as the Legendary Fire-type spreads its wings and begins to appear in raids across the globe. Meanwhile, the third Legendary bird, Zapdos, will soon be following suit, taking over the mantle from Moltres on August 7th before disappearing itself a week later.

It’s clear that Niantic is keen on keeping these creatures limited in Pokemon GO, at least for the time being, but the developer still claims to have a few more tricks up its sleeve for fans. Now, if only one of those was the mythical Mewtwo.

Pokemon GO is currently available across iOS and Android devices.