Pokemon GO: Watch The First Mewtwo Exclusive Raid And Catch Attempt

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Pokemon GO players in most parts of the world are still battling Raikou and waiting for their first Exclusive Raid invitations, but in Japan some trainers have already had a chance to face off against Mewtwo. Some Japanese players captured footage of the first battle and the catch attempt for a Pokemon GO livestream and other trainers can now get their first look at Mewtwo's attacks and behaviors.

Niantic explained that Exclusive Raid invites would start going out as early as September 6, but the vast majority of Pokemon GO players are still doing the regular Battle Raids while they wait for the special events to kick off in their own region. This first look at a battle against Mewtwo should help hold everyone over.

Check out the full battle and catch attempt right here...

As you can see, the army of Tyranitars manages to take Mewtwo down before time expires, but the catch attempt is a little more heartbreaking. The player manages to score 13 Premier Balls, and throws mostly Great or Excellent curveballs, but still isn't able to catch the elusive Mewtwo.

Datamines indicate that Mewtwo actually has a higher base catch rate than the other legendaries (or even Tyranitar), so it seems like this particular streamer just got a little unlucky... Hopefully.

Players who plan to participate in Mewtwo raids in the near future will want to pay careful attention to the Pokemon's animations and start to get the timing for their throws down. This streamer is taking advantage of the circle lock technique, which takes a bit of practice, but when executed correctly makes it very easy to avoid dodges or misses.

Check back soon for updates on when the Mewtwo Exclusive Battle Raids will kick off in other regions.

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

Source: YouTube

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