Pokemon GO Celebrates First Birthday


Today marks the first year anniversary since Niantic's augmented reality title Pokemon GO was launched to massive success, and the company has decided to commemorate the last 12 months by getting players to share their favourite stories related to the game.

In a new tweet from the official Pokemon GO Twitter account, Niantic thanked fans for all the support over the past year before asking everyone to tweet their favorite Pokemon GO related story. However, sharing stories about catching rare creatures in obscure places or banding together to hunt down a rare Dragonite is just the tip of the anniversary celebrations.

To celebrate Pokemon GO's first anniversary, players will also get the opportunity from now to July 24 to catch a special variant of Pikachu, which will be wearing Ash Ketchum's famous red and white baseball cap. Previous special variants of Pikachu, such as the Santa hat and Festive hat-wearing Pikachus, have previously surfaced in the game, but players may not need to search too much to find this special anniversary lightning mouse as it is reported that all Pikachu found in the wild will be rocking Ash's cap.

Beyond the special Pikachu, the Pokemon GO store will also feature a limited edition Anniversary Box item that will contain incubators, revives, ultra balls, and a raid pass, all at a discount. Given how there is speculation that an electric type event may be coming before the end of July, it almost seems fitting that the anniversary Pikachu and the Anniversary Box is merely preparation for the main event later.

Regardless of whether this electric type event is happening, players will have a few things to look forward to this month, such as the highly-anticipated Pokemon GO Fest. Scheduled to take place on July 22 in Chicago, Illinois, not too many specific details have been revealed about the event just yet, though players can expect a massive turn out, legendary creatures, and something involving an "ultimate gym".

For all the criticism Pokemon GO received at launch due to the lack of features, Niantic have certainly managed to turn this negative image around thanks to continual support and constant content updates. Given how Pokemon GO has made a whopping $1.2 billion in total revenue (so far), expect there to be more anniversary celebrations in the future.

Pokemon GO is available on iOS and Android.

Source: Eurogamer

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