Mobile sensation Pokemon Go continues to be a massive hit for Niantic and the Pokemon Company as the game nears its one year anniversary. With the warm summer weather finally arriving and last month’s Rock event now a distant memory, the developer is allegedly ready to kick off its next big timed event for the popular augmented reality game, placing a focus on fire and ice type Pokemon this time.

According to a post from TeamEevolution, the special Fire and Ice event for Pokemon Go kicks off next week starting on June 13 and ending on June 20. During that time, the spawn rate for Fire and Ice type Pokemon increases, giving players a greater chance to capture some their favorite pocket monsters. Not only that, Cyndaquil, Charmander, Swinub, and all of their evolutions will spawn more frequently during this time as well.

In addition to more appearances by certain fire and ice types, the event also teases that the rare Lapras and Cloyster Pokemon may be found a little easier during this event as well. Finally, all lucky eggs are now 50% cheaper for those looking to get a quick XP boost simply for playing.

While this event is no doubt welcome, especially for players looking to catch that elusive Lapras, Fire and Ice may not be what people were hoping to see. The past couple weeks, Niantic has continued to hint at the inclusion of legendary Pokemon sometime this summer. No specifics have been revealed as of yet, it’s entirely possible that Niantic plans to start this event sometime next month to possibly celebrate the one year anniversary of the game, which originally launched on July 6, 2016.

Will you be participating in this new event or are you waiting to jump back in when the legendaries are finally released into the wild? Let us know what your plans are below in the comments.

Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android.

Source: Team Eevolution Twitter