When Niantic announced the summer event for its game Pokemon GO known as Pokemon GO Fest, it promised a celebration of the game that would include thousands of players. Now, it has been confirmed that the upcoming Pokemon GO event will also feature an “ultimate gym.”

The Pokemon GO Fest event takes place next month at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois, and a permit application with the Chicago Park District has uncovered more information about the event. This includes plans for an “ultimate gym” which will make use of the Petrillo Music Shell, an outdoor amphitheater with seating. The exact capacity of the area is unclear, but as Pokemon GO Fest tickets sold out in 30 minutes and the permit application suggests up to 20,000 attendees could show up, Niantic will want to put out extra chairs just in case.

Unfortunately, the permit application does not shed any light on what the ultimate gym may offer. Although there will be separate team gym lounges, each with their own gyms and 60-inch TV monitors, the features of this ultimate gym are unclear. This hasn’t stopped many fans from speculating, though, with some suggesting that Niantic could reveal the Pokemon GO legendary update as part of the ultimate gym unveiling.

pokemon go fest tickets sold out

Adding to these rumors, Niantic has previously confirmed that gyms will feature legendary Pokemon once they are released into the game. A gym with a legendary Pokemon would certainly make it worthy of “ultimate” status and so this theory makes sense.

Moreover, it’s hard to see Niantic making major changes for a special kind of gym as the Pokemon GO gym update hasn’t been up for long. The huge update completely overhauled the gameplay feature, in what fans say is an incredibly welcome change. Introducing even more changes to the feature just for a one-day event would make very little sense. It could also prove to be confusing for the thousands of players who have been lucky enough to get tickets.

Ultimate gym content aside, the other big question is how this will be rolled out across the globe. Legendary Pokemon may spawn in the wild, but will Niantic itself install the rare characters at some gyms too as a nice surprise for players? Will gyms outside of the Fest be unaffected? Pokemon GO Fest takes place on July 22, so expect more information closer to the time.

Pokemon GO is available on iOS and Android.

Source: Chicago Tribune