This weekend, Niantic will be hosting Pokemon GO Fest at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois on July 22, 2017, giving fans of the popular augmented reality mobile title who live in the city or those who intend on traveling from out of town for the event the chance to take part in a special mystery challenge. Of course, not everyone will be able to attend the gathering of the game’s myriad Trainers in person, so the video platform Twitch will thankfully provide a live stream of the event this Saturday.

At this point in time, Niantic hasn’t revealed an exact airing schedule, nor has the developer explained precisely how the Pokemon GO Fest video stream will work from a technical standpoint, so there’s no telling what viewers at home should expect. The impetus behind the live event is to have players team up with one another to participate in raid battles and to catch a plethora of the game’s creatures, so it remains to be seen exactly how those watching through Twitch will actually benefit from the stream.

Of course, with Niantic having stipulated that all video equipment and professional cameras will be forbidden from Pokemon GO Fest, it begs the question of whether or not the developer will be doing an exclusive broadcast all its own. If so, one has to wonder if the live stream will involve a panel of attendees who work for the company narrating the event and checking in on specific players’ activities, or if will simply be making announcements such as the long-awaited inclusion of legendary monsters.

Whatever the case may be regarding the logistics of the Pokemon GO Fest live stream, it’s worth noting that the event could get washed out, as the risk of inclement weather threatens to soak attendees with potential showers and thunderstorms. Nevertheless, should the forecast remain clear, one should expect to see quite a sizeable turnout, especially since Pokemon GO Fest sold out in 30 minutes.

Pokemon GO Fest lasts from 1o:00 AM CT to 7:00 PM CT, and those at home can watch the event through the game’s Twitch channel during those times to catch the live stream.

Source: PokemonGOApp – Twitter