As Pokemon GO players prepare for the exciting activities of Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago today, there’s a new reason to get pumped for the festivities. Niantic recently revealed that a couple Pokémon normally stationed in Florida, Texas, and Latin America will be migrating to Chicago for the Pokemon GO Fest event.

The Pokemon teased by Niantic are Heracross and Unown. Heracross is a common Pokemon who’s been spotted quite a bit already at Pokemon GO Fest. Unown, on the other hand, has been tough to find. That’s not surprising considering Unown is currently the rarest Pokemon in Pokémon GO.

According to Niantic, these two Pokemon will be visiting Chicago for today only in celebration of Pokemon GO Fest, so those in attendance should be on the lookout for both. Unfortunately, gamers have been struggling to stay connected to the Pokemon GO servers in Chicago, likely because of the vast amount of players jumping into the game during the event.

Pokemon GO Unown

Hopefully the connectivity issues will be worked out seeing as many Pokemon GO players are looking forward to catching plenty of new Pokemon and participating in the various Pokemon GO Fest Challenges Niantic has set up for the event. These challenges are especially important since completing them is the catalyst for unlocking legendary Pokemon in the game.

Those who were unable to nab one of the fast-selling Pokemon GO Fest tickets can still get in on the action via the worldwide challenges happening today, as well as by watching the Pokemon GO Fest livestream on Twitch. There will undoubtedly also be many Pokemon GO players sharing their adventures and posting updates to Reddit and social media, despite the fact that Niantic has specifically forbidden the use of video equipment and professional cameras at the event.

With the Pokemon GO Fest challenges set to kick off later today, hopefully Niantic can get the current connectivity issues in Chicago sorted and corrected. For those not in attendance at the event, be sure to stay tuned for the latest on the Pokemon GO Fest challenges and exciting kick-start of legendary Pokemon in the game.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices.