At Pokemon GO Fest, Niantic will host several in-game challenges allowing players to work together, and so ahead of the event the developer created and infographic to inform everyone of the challenge times. However, it seemed that someone screwed up and the developer has now been forced to correct its initial timing information.

The initial challenge times were listed as 11AM – 11:30AM, 12PM – 12:30PM, and 3PM – 3:30PM (all times in CDT). However, eagle-eyed fans have pointed out that the official page for the challenges on the Pokemon GO Fest website has now been updated. The challenge that was initially set to take place between 12PM – 12:30PM will actually be taking place between 1PM – 1:30PM instead.

Replying to Pokemon GO fans on Reddit, a member of the Niantic support team confirmed that the developer had indeed changed the time on the infographic. The post clarified that the developer hadn’t rescheduled the challenge, but that the original time was just “incorrect” and so they edited the image to fix it.

Pokemon GO legendary Pokemon release date

The timing change may seem insignificant and some may ask what fans are making such a fuss about, but the confusion about times could actually be a big deal. As Niantic explained in the big Pokemon GO legendary announcement yesterday, the Pokemon GO Fest challenges directly tie into the reveal of the legendary creatures. The challenges will see players all over the world work together with those attending the Fest event in Chicago, aiming to get a gold tier rating. Getting a gold tier will see them unlock the final, mystery challenge, which in turn will allow them to unlock legendary gameplay content for everyone who plays the game.

With that announcement the developer did not reveal what might happen if players were unable to work together to complete each challenge successfully or if players cannot unlock the final challenge at all. Some feared that Niantic may choose not to release the legendary Pokemon if players fail to unlock them. The creatures may be one of the most asked for features from the games but the developer will argue that it can’t just dole out rewards for those who do not earn them.

If players are confused about when the challenges begin, then there’s a chance that players may not win the legendary unlocks. This is also why many fans on Reddit are bemoaning the fact that Niantic hasn’t re-released the information on other social media platforms. As of the time of writing, neither the official Pokemon GO Twitter or Facebook pages have explained the situation to fans and so those who aren’t tuned in to Reddit (or haven’t read this article) may be none the wiser, putting the success of the challenges in jeopardy.

Pokemon GO is available on iOS and Android.

Source: Reddit