Pokemon GO Still Fastest Earning Mobile Game in History


Although many users have abandoned the app, Pokemon GO continues to make huge earnings, maintaining its title as the fastest earning mobile gaming app of all time.

Pokemon GO has let down a lot of players recently by removing the Pokemon tracker and failing to add new features. However, that apparently isn't stopping the remaining user base from spending huge sums of money on the title, according to a new report that stipulates that Pokemon GO is still earning money faster than any other mobile game in history.

Following in the footsteps of earning $200 million in its first month and subsequently averaging $2 million in earnings per day, Pokemon GO has now topped $600 million in earnings in merely three months' time. According to the original report from App Annie, Pokemon GO has out-performed other high-ranking apps like Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans several times over.

In addition, the report states that Pokemon GO users are spending nearly as much time in Pokemon GO as the next highest-ranking 19 mobile games combined. However, what makes Pokemon GO unusual is that the time players are spending with the game generally isn't taking away from mobile games they were already playing. Users are instead dedicating time to Pokemon GO that wasn't previously spent playing any games at all. This is no doubt due to the fact that Pokemon GO rewards players who go out into the world, so most players are probably using the app while on the go when they normally wouldn't be checking in on a mobile game.


Pokemon GO's ability to still reach such a high level of revenue is a clear sign of how outrageously popular the game is. While it's seen a steep decline in users and lost 79% of its paying players, it's still managing to beat other games that have been renowned for their financial success in the mobile game market. Part of this is most likely due to Niantic's efforts to release Pokemon GO in more countries that didn't initially have access. However, Niantic has simultaneously encountered a downside to this tactic, as many existing players have quit or reduced the time they spend playing Pokemon GO due to its lack of new features. Continuing to put off expanding the game with new generations of Pokemon or new features like Pokemon trading will no doubt continue to result in a dwindling player base, which may eventually overwhelm the new traffic and revenue coming in from new territories.

While Pokemon GO's future is uncertain, the money that went into the game's development has clearly been worth it. Major companies like Google, The Pokemon Company, and Nintendo invested $30 million in Pokemon GO, but chances are the game has even gone beyond their expectations. Once the game does receive some major updates, there's a strong chance that it will proceed to break even more records.

Pokemon GO is out now for Android and iOS mobile devices.

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Source: Venture Beat

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