A Pokemon GO ripoff application is tricking gamers into downloading the false product, and then manipulating votes in order to top iTunes charts in several regions.

It’s no secret that Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm: the application has hordes of gamers running about catching Pokemon, and has even overtaken Tinder in terms of popularity. Unfortunately, Pokemon GO still isn’t available in every region around the world, and shady developers are taking advantage of desperate gamers in order to make a profit.

A new chart-topping application features visuals ripped straight from Pokemon GO, and forces users to pay a price if they want to remove advertisements from the game. As if stealing licensed content in order to make a profit wasn’t bad enough, the application is also tricking gamers into leaving 5 star reviews, which has allowed the application to skyrocket up the iTunes charts and spread like a virus.

The application goes under the not-so-catchy name of Go Catch Em All! – Hungry Monster.IO World Chasing Color Dots, a name which required us to take a breather halfway through. Despite the heap of words that supposedly resembles a title, the application’s keywords allow it show up when users attempt to find Pokemon GO, and gamers hungry to catch Pokemon through their phone have begun to download the application en masse – some perhaps not realizing that it isn’t the real deal.

pokemon go trading

In order to get itself good reviews, the game quickly offers gamers free in-game skins in exchange for 5 star reviews, which is a practice we’re pretty certain isn’t allowed for iTunes applications. Once gamers have cashed in the 5 star review, it doesn’t take long for many to realize they’ve been duped. Several 5-star reviews actually state that Apple users would ‘leave zero stars if they could’, indicating that the application creators have certainly manipulated the review system.

According to a number of Reddit users, the game is also number one in Norway, and was a high ranking application in Canada before it disappeared from its Canadian iTunes listing. It’s possible the game was removed from iTunes Canada for its shady review practices, in which case it could eventually be removed from other countries, too. Evidently, regions in which Pokemon GO hasn’t officially launched yet have been hit the hardest.

As always, Pokemon GO fans should remain vigilant, even if they’re playing from the actual application. This week, a group of savvy armed robbers lured no less than 9 victims into secluded areas using the game, so gamers should think twice before following a lure down a dark alley.

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Source: Reddit