Pokemon GO Guide: Every Way To Earn Experience Points

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As fun as Pokemon GO can be, it can become a grind as players begin to gain levels slower. Here's every known method of earning XP to help plan and speed up trainer growth.

Pokemon GO may be a game built entirely around the premise of journeying out into the real world and fulfilling many peoples' dreams of becoming a Pokemon trainer, but it's easy to forget that in the world of Pocket Monsters, being a trainer is a full-time job. Pokemon GO starts out holding players' hands and guiding them gently through the alternate reality game's simple set-up, but sooner rather than later leveling up in Pokemon GO becomes a much more difficult task. Pokeballs become scarce, more frequent trips to Pokestops have to be made, and Pokemon begin to put up more of a fight when trainers attempt to catch them.

These elements haven't stopped Pokemon GO from making Nintendo worth more than Sony for the first time in years, and they likely won't stop many fans from continuing down the path to becoming a Pokemon master. People have already found a work around for Pokemon GO's broken tracking system, and luckily for those who are experiencing grind fatigue after the game's easier earlier leveling, the solution for XP is much easier.

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All trainers need to do is plan a little and maximize their chances and returns on the actions that generate XP. Here at Game Rant, we've assembled a list of every way gamers can earn XP in Niantic and Nintendo's smash hit - and with careful, deliberate planning, most fans won't even have to quit their jobs for Pokemon GO in order to rack up copious amounts of experience points.

0-50 XP Awarded

  • Train at a Gym - this XP amount varies based upon how strong the trainer's selected Pokemon is. If the Pokemon is significantly overpowered, the trainer will earn less XP than using a Pokemon that is closer in strength to the others at the Gym.

10 XP Awarded

  • Curveball Bonus - awarded to players for spinning their Pokeball by rotating their finger very fast on the screen, which will then cause the Pokeball throw to have a distinct curve on it and require a different trajectory than normal.
  • Nice! Throw Bonus - awarded for players who simply get the Pokeball to land within the outer white circle when succeeding to capture the Pokemon on that throw.

50 XP Awarded

  • Great! Throw Bonus - awarded for players who get the Pokeball to land inside the inner circle when it is exactly half of its biggest size.
  • Pokestop Interaction

100 XP Awarded

  • Successful Pokemon Capture
  • Excellent! Throw Bonus - awarded for players who get the Pokeball to land inside the direct middle of the outer circle when the inner one is at its absolute smallest.

200 XP Awarded

  • Hatch an Egg (2km)

500 XP Awarded

  • Hatch an Egg (5km)
  • Add New Pokemon to Pokedex
  • Evolve a Pokemon

1000 XP Awarded

  • Hatch an Egg (10km)

Of course, all of this information is helpful, but it's pretty clear that in a game with this many XP options, some methods will be better than others. In that regard, there is a clear winner - the Lucky Egg method that many gamers have been using to significantly decrease the amount of grind time in between levels.

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The Lucky Egg method works as a result of some long-term planning. First, players need to save up a high amount of Pokemon who are cheap to evolve, since the evolve bonus is the same regardless of how much candy has been spent evolving the evolved Pokemon - Rattata, Pidgey, Caterpie, and Weedle are excellent choices for this method. Next, trainers should use the Lucky Egg item, which doubles the amount of XP a player earns for the next half hour. Next, it's just a simple matter of evolving as many Pokemon as possible within that half hour to earn 1000 XP per evolution!

It might not be the glamorous life many people thought being a Pokemon Trainer might entail, but the power leveling Lucky Egg method works, and it works well. Just remember - as with any gameplay involving Pokemon GO, be safe, and if nothing else, make sure not to crash a car into a police officer's vehicle while playing Pokemon GO.

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Pokemon GO is currently available in select regions for Android and iOS mobile devices.

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