Pokemon GO‘s Special Research quest, A Mythical Discovery, challenges players to complete some tough objectives in order to earn the right to catch the game’s first Mythical Pokemon, Mew. One of the final challenges players will have to tackle involves getting an Excellent Curveball throw, which is something easier said than done. However, there is one method to keep in mind that may make getting an Excellent Curveball throw a lot easier.

The method in question is called the Pokemon GO¬†Bullseye Method. The trick to it is to spin the ball and drag it to the left side of the screen (if you’re right-handed) or the right side of the screen (if you’re left-handed). Wait for the circle to close around the Pokemon to the point that it is almost as small as it can be, and then release the ball directly under the Pokemon and so that it lines up with the center of the circle.

See YouTuber FLW Videos explain the Bullseye Method and showcase it in action right here:

As can be seen in the video, mastering the Bullseye Method will take some practice. However, from our own testing, we can say that it did greatly increase our accuracy. So even when we didn’t manage to get an Excellent Curveball using the Bullseye Method, we were still able to land Great or Nice Curveballs and earn bonus XP while catching Pokemon.

Using the Bullseye Method combined with focusing on the easiest Pokemon to get Excellent throws should make completing that particular Special Research objective much simpler. However, there will still be a couple of other objectives on Step 7 that players will need to complete before they can catch Mew.

Luckily, right now is one of the easiest times to complete those objectives. The other two objectives are to Catch 50 Pokemon Using a Berry, and to Earn the Gold Kanto Medal. The Kanto region event going on right now means Kanto region Pokemon are literally everywhere, so players should be able to complete both of those objectives simultaneously (assuming they don’t already have the Gold Kanto Medal).

At any rate, using the Bullseye Method as explained by YouTuber FLW Videos should make Excellent Curveballs in Pokemon GO a little easier to achieve, and will help players earn extra XP as well as complete the Special Research quest to catch Mew.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.