Although the Pokemon GO EX Raid invite system is supposed to be exclusive, players are finding it is even more selective than intended. Due to a presumed bug with the invite system, Pokemon GO is only offering EX Raids to players that already participated in one previously.

While Niantic has yet to acknowledge this latest Pokemon GO bug, the community is up in arms over it. Earlier this week, reports surfaced from players claiming that they received additional invites to EX Raids, despite having already been a part of one (or more).

Ideally, once a player receives an EX Raid invite, he/she should be knocked lower on the totem pole for future invites, but that is not the case. Instead, it appears like those players are getting better odds of future invites, with some reporting 4 or 5

Under normal circumstances, a Pokemon GO EX Raid pass is completely random. To qualify, a player needs only to have completed a raid at a certain gym, and then he or she is eligible to receive an invite when they go out. Unfortunately, if the mobile game keeps selecting the same people – sometimes multiple times – then the already small player pool becomes even smaller.


It might not seem like much, but EX Raids in Pokemon GO are the only way to catch Mewtwo, one of the most sought-after Pokemon in the entire series and definitely in the mobile game. Most Pokemon GO players were waiting for the game to add Mewtwo, but now that the pocket monster is available there is a lot more disappointment in the air. It makes sense to make Mewtwo a rare Pokemon to collect, but to limit access to it using a broken system is going to lead to tons of complaints.

As was mentioned, Niantic has yet to address the bug and chances are the developer won’t until it has a fix in place. For the average Pokemon GO player, this issue is hardly a problem, mostly because they don’t know there is a bug. Only those active members of the Pokemon GO community on Reddit and the forums have figured out something is fishy. Everyone else is none the wiser.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android.