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Battle Raids have introduced an entirely new element to the world of Pokemon GO and the new feature is still incredibly popular over a month after launching. The Raids bring players together, make teams cooperate, and offer great items and Pokemon as rewards (when things are working properly). That said, it wouldn't be Pokemon GO if there wasn't a laundry list of bugs to complain about...

Pokemon GO raids are currently plagued by a long list bugs that don't quite make the feature unplayable, but definitely add a level of unnecessary frustration for many users. Niantic has acknowledged many of the bugs and fixes are apparently on the way. Until then, here is every bug players need to watch out for when they team up with other PoGO players and attempt to take down a Battle Raid.

Last Ball Bug

The last ball bug is by far the most notorious problem with Pokemon GO Legendary Battle Raids. There is currently an issue where it is actually impossible to catch a Legendary Pokemon on the last Premier Ball throw, unless it happens to be a critical catch. Niantic acknowledged this bug after a few weeks of debate and began rewarding six balls as the base prize, instead of five. Despite this quick 'fix,' it still feels pretty frustrating to know that the last throw is basically worthless.

Dodge Bug

Another bug that has been a problem since Raids started is the dodge bug. This problem makes it so that dodging a would-be lethal attack, which should reduce the damage by 75%, still takes full damage and kills your fighter. This problem makes it so that dodging is basically useless and leads to players going through way more Pokemon per raid than is really necessary. Until it gets fixed, dodging is close to a useless mechanic.

Curveball Bug

In Pokemon GO, one way to increase the catch rate for a Pokemon is to throw a curveball at it. This requires some skill and makes it harder to connect, but when done properly gives players a bonus chance towards catching the Raid Boss. Unfortunately, there is currently a bug that makes the game sometimes not recognize that a curveball has been thrown. It's still worth throwing curveballs while the bug exists, but it is frustrating to know that some Legendaries may be breaking out because the curve bonus was not applied.

Damage Contribution Reset

After a player's lineup of six Pokemon have all fainted, they have a choice to rejoin the fight or wait in the lobby. Right now, rejoining the fight with six new Pokemon resets the damage contribution and makes it much harder to earn bonus Premier Balls when the boss is finally defeated. It's unclear at this point whether this is by design or a bug, but it definitely feels like a bad user experience. Many players spend the last quarter of the fight in the lobby, simply because they don't want to reset their damage bonus.

Team Control Bug

There is a lot of debate around the team control bug and it's unclear what Niantic really had in mind with this particular bonus. Players assumed that this bonus would offer extra balls to members of the team who contributed most to taking down the Raid Boss. Although that is how it works sometimes, other times no bonus is rewarded. Niantic says this bonus is meant for players who currently have a Pokemon defending the gym, but it does not seem to consistently work like that. Whatever they have in mind, it needs to be more clear and actually function as described.

Lineup Resetting After Using Items Bug

One of the most frustrating bugs when waiting for a battle to start is that players who use items from the lobby will have their lineup of fighters reset. This is clearly a bug and is frustrating on a daily basis for players who do multiple raids per day.

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions for Android and iOS devices.

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