Yesterday’s big Pokemon GO update released the new Research mechanic for all trainers to explore and the questing system is already a big hit. The Pokemon GO community is busy earning stamps, rewards, and trying to unlock Mew; one special Research task at a time.

The list of Field Research tasks that can be assigned to a player by spinning a stop is a pretty lengthy one. Players can hold up to three of these tasks at a time, but it will likely take many weeks (or months) before a player sees all of the tasks in rotation. Unless they check out the results of a recent datamine that is…

The Research update datamine includes the full list of Field Research tasks that can be offered to a player. Here’s a look at what might be in store for trainers going forward…

Battle in a Gym
Battle in a Gym multiple times
Battle in a raid
Battle in a raid multiple times
Use a super effective Charged Attack in a Gym battle
Use a supereffective Charged Attack in multiple Gym battles.
Use multiple Berries to help catch Pokémon.
Use a Berry to help catch a Pokémon.
Catch multiple Pokémon.
Catch a Pokémon.
Catch multiple Ditto.
Catch a Ditto.
Catch multiple Oddish or Bellsprout.
Catch an Oddish or Bellsprout.
Catch multiple Swablu.
Catch a Swablu.
Catch multiple Pidgey or Murkrow.
Catch a Pidgey or Murkrow.
Catch multiple Treecko or Mudkip.
Catch a Treecko or Mudkip.
Catch multiple Meowth or Skitty.
Catch a Meowth or Skitty.
Catch multiple Bug-type Pokémon.
Catch a Bug-type Pokémon.
Catch multiple Dark-type Pokémon.
Catch a Dark-type Pokémon.
Catch multiple Dragon-type Pokémon.
Catch a Dragon-type Pokémon.
Catch multiple Electric-type Pokémon.
Catch an Electric-type Pokémon.
Catch multiple Fairy-type Pokémon.
Catch a Fairy-type Pokémon.
Catch multiple Fighting-type Pokémon.
Catch a Fighting-type Pokémon.


Catch multiple Fire-type Pokémon.
Catch a Fire-type Pokémon.
Catch multiple Flying-type Pokémon.
Catch a Flying-type Pokémon.
Catch multiple Ghost-type Pokémon.
Catch a Ghost-type Pokémon.
Catch multiple Grass-type Pokémon.
Catch a Grass-type Pokémon.
Catch multiple Ground-type Pokémon.
Catch a Ground-type Pokémon.
Catch multiple Ice-type Pokémon.
Catch an Ice-type Pokémon.
Catch multiple Normal-type Pokémon.
Catch a Normal-type Pokémon.
Catch multiple Poison-type Pokémon.
Catch a Poison-type Pokémon.
Catch multiple Psychic-type Pokémon.
Catch a Psychic-type Pokémon.
Catch multiple Rock-type Pokémon.
Catch a Rock-type Pokémon.
Catch multiple Steel-type Pokémon.
Catch a Steel-type Pokémon.
Catch multiple Water-type Pokémon.
Catch a Water-type Pokémon.
Catch multiple Grass-, Fire-, or Ground-type Pokémon.
Catch a Grass-, Fire-, or Ground-type Pokémon.
Catch multiple Pokémon with Weather Boost.
Catch a Pokémon with Weather Boost.
Evolve a Pokémon.
Evolve multiple Pokémon.
Evolve multiple Fire-type Pokémon.
Evolve a Fire-type Pokémon.
Hatch multiple Eggs.
Hatch an Egg.

Pokemon GO Easter event number eggs hatched
Make multiple Excellent Throws.
Make an Excellent Throw.
Make multiple Great Curveball Throws.
Make a Great Curveball Throw.
Make multiple Great Throws.
Make a Great Throw.
Make multiple Curveball Throws in a row.
Make multiple Excellent Curveball Throws in a row.
Make multiple Great Curveball Throws in a row.
Make multiple Great Throws in a row.
Make multiple Nice Curveball Throws in a row.
Make multiple Nice Throws in a row.
Make multiple Nice Throws.
Make a Nice Throw.
Power up Pokémon multiple times.
Power up a Pokémon.
Spin multiple PokéStops you haven’t visited before.
Spin a PokéStop you haven’t visited before.
Spin multiple PokéStops.
Spin a PokéStop.
Win multiple Gym battles.
Win a Gym battle.
Win a level 3 or higher raid.
Win multiple level 3 or higher raids.
Win multiple raids.
Win a raid.
Reach a specific level.
Earn a silver Kanto medal.
Earn a gold Kanto medal.
Earn multiple Candies walking with your buddy.
Earn a Candy walking with your buddy.
Evolve a Magikarp

That’s a lot of tasks to digest. The most notable feature about the challenges may be just how much they vary in difficulty. Hopefully, each reward will appropriately align with the difficulty level of the task. For example, evolving a Magikarp is likely to take a player far longer than winning a single raid, so hopefully the payout for that task is a lot more exciting.

Despite how long some of the challenges may take, they are all fairly self explanatory. These are all tasks that many players have likely already accomplished at least once in the last year or two, so they should have no trouble pulling it off again.

Good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.